Monday, February 3, 2014

Day 3 of Two Weeks of Romance

How exciting to be continuing this fun and exciting two weeks of authors and books!

Please let me introduced you to some wonderful ladies!


Saint Sin (I'll give away an ebook copy of this book)

When Michael St. Cyr, the earl of Penwell, known as “St. Sin” because of his decadent lifestyle, discovers Ariella Lundgate in his bedchamber during a party, he assumes she’s a Cyprian sent to entertain him. In fact, she’s attempting to steal a diamond called the Blue Moon to pay off her brother’s ruinous gambling debts. They engage in tantalizing loveplay but are soon interrupted. Ariella must continue the dalliance to obtain the diamond. By the time she finally possesses it, she’s lost her heart to the enigmatic earl.

The Dragon Bard (I'll give away a print copy of this book.)

While visiting north Britain, traveling bard Bridei ap Maelgwn is taken captive and sold to Irish slavers. When they land in Ireland, he is rescued and taken to Queen Dessia of the Fionnlairaos. Dessia is wary of this charismatic stranger, but also intrigued. As bard and queen spar with wits and words, Bridei awakens not only Dessia’s heart, but an ancient legacy of magic that binds them together in a web of treachery and passionate desire.

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Now, let me introduce you to FELICIA ROGERS!!!

The Ruse, Andrews Brothers, Book One
The fix is in…but her heart can’t be fooled.

Luke Andrews, Baron of Stockport, is in trouble. He needs a wealthy bride to secure future funds for his financially shaky estate, but the belle of the London season is a spoiled terror with an arrogant father. They’d try the nerves of a saint and Luke can’t quite bring himself to make an offer he knows he’d regret.

Meanwhile, Luke’s half-brother Chadwick never could resist a good game of Faro, or anything else, for that matter. With the baron away, Chadwick will play — gambling the estate’s remaining funds into oblivion. He needs to devise his own scheme to replace the money he’s lost, before his brother returns.

In Stockport village, Brigitta Blackburn doesn’t have two sticks to rub together — literally. With the estate in financial distress and rents high, food and wood are scarce. When she sneaks onto the baron’s land to steal some firewood, she’s caught, hauled before the play-acting “baron,” Chadwick, and offered a solution to her plight… and his.

But Chadwick’s ruse embroils them all. How can Brigitta accept what she thinks to be true, when she really yearns to follow her heart?

--a traditional Regency novel

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  1. I love the Regency era and the two highlighted here have caught my eye! Plus, I had no idea the Irish had slavers - now I'll have to look into that history! Best wishes to both authors - I hope you do well with this promotion!

  2. Hi Mary and Felicia,

    Hmn? Both of your stories seem to have some naughty gamblers in them!

    Mary...ooh, how annoying when the loveplay gets interrupted.

    Felicia...sounds like a marriage of convenience story...those are always a great read.

  3. All 3 books sound like great reads! The story with the bard is especially intriguing to me, as I've been batting around my own story idea with a bard. I love that it's something different. St Sin - a great title and play on the name...and I love a strong feisty woman who's about to steal a jewel! The Ruse has me interested...what has the Baron got in mind for poor Brigitta? If the books are half as good as these write-ups, I expect you both will sell well. All the best!!

  4. I've just put both authors on my reading list. Thank you for the introduction. Fantastic.

  5. Mary,

    Loveplay, treachery, and passionate desire. Sounds like a couple of must reads.

  6. Felicia,

    Oh, oh, is Luke going to have some messes to clean up when he returns home?

  7. No doubt about it I'd love a copy of Saint Sin! I love a decadent rogue because it's so much fun to see them put in their place by a mere slip of a girl and I just know that while Michael will live up to his nick name, Sir Sin, I have the feeling that he will take Ariella on a merry ride and I'd love to read their story!

  8. Saint Sin sounds wonderful! It's set in my favorite time period and his decadent lifestyle and Michael wounds like the perfect Rogue for Ariella to tame! Saint Sin wounds like it will be sounds like it will be so much fun to read

  9. The interesting authors who are new to me. Thanks so much!

  10. I'm late! I do apologize! I'm sure you want to know who won the prizes..... please forgive me. I started a new job. That's where my mind is.

    The winner for Mary's prize is ASHANTAY and the winner of Felicia's prize is VALCLARIZIO. Please email me at to claim your prize.