Thursday, February 13, 2014

Day 13 of Two Weeks of Romance

So far we have seen some really good books written by some lovely and talented ladies. What happens if I through a gentleman into the mix? I would love to introduce you to SEAN-PAUL THOMAS who is from Edinburgh Scotland.

The Universe Doesn't Do Second Chances (Blurb)

A lonely man in his late thirties living an average life of missed opportunities and regrets especially regarding the opposite sex, dies in a plane crash somewhere over the English channel. When he awakens in a subdued and bizarre subconscious state, he is granted by the powers that be a second chance to spend a day with the two women in his life who made an impact on his heart. Yet never had the courage to let go of his social fears and inhibitions and act upon his natural instincts and desires at the time of meeting them.

Sean-Paul Thomas (Author Bio
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Born in London to Scottish and Irish parents, Sean spent most of his childhood and teenage years growing up on the move in the likes of Cyprus, Germany, Wales and England as an army brat. With a keen interest in both reading and writing he was diagnosed with the travel and writing bugs very early on in life.

Now, writing, reading and traveling are his main passions in life, but he also loves outdoor sports too from Rugby and Hiking to Tennis and Boxing.

His main inspiration for writing today comes from living in such a beautiful, Gothic, hauntingly, awe inspiring city such as Edinburgh. This place has given Sean so much amazing inspiration to write the more time he spends here.

At this moment he is writing another two books, one is about a young man working in a dead end job and going nowhere in life, who discovers that he has a terminal brain cancer and decides to just go out with a bang. The other book is about his recent back packing adventure through Eastern Europe.

So far he has one published work of fiction -

The Universe Doesn't Do Second Chances

And 4 self published novels.

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But that doesn't mean that I don't have another lovely lady for this post. I want to introduce you to author, DEBRA ST. JOHN and her book, This Feels Like Home. 

This Feels Like Home by Debra St. John


Can a danger-addicted cowboy and a safety-conscious urbanite ever see eye-to-eye?

When Chicago native Amber Winfield visits her aunt in Texas, she's happy to absorb some local color--but dating a bull rider? That's more cowboy than she's prepared to go. As an accessibility consultant, she knows too well the hazards of extreme sports. Just one night with Jake Hawkins, though, and she's captivated by the caring man underneath the cowboy swagger. But she could never fall for a man so intent on chasing danger...could she?

Jake's got one goal--earn enough points to ride on the pro circuit--and he won't let anyone stand in his way. Especially not a sophisticated city lady who thinks bull riding is crazy. Women like Amber are the reason he's perfected the art of loving and leaving. So why can't he get her off of his mind...or out of his heart?
Debra St. John has been reading and writing romance since high school. She always dreamed about publishing a romance novel some day. Her dream came true when she started writing sultry contemporary romance with sexy heroes and spunky heroines for The Wild Rose Press. Although she's a country gal at heart, she lives in a suburb of Chicago with her husband, who is her real life hero.

She is the author of The Corral Series, which includes her debut release, This Time for Always, a Champagne Rose and Rosebud bestseller at The Wild Rose Press. The second book in the series, This Can't Be Love is also available. This Feels Like Home completes the series.

Her holiday stories include A Christmas to Remember, An Unexpected Blessing (Thanksgiving), and The Vampire and the Vixen for Halloween.

Wild Wedding Weekend completes her bookshelf, although Family Secrets is coming soon.


The Wild Rose Press


Barnes and Noble

WHAT to win and HOW to win?
First, all you need to do is leave a comment for your chance. Winners are chosen at random. 
Second, Sean-Paul is giving away gift card to Swashwords and Debra is giving away  e-copy (winner's choice of format) of any one book in The Corral Series: This Time for Always, This Can't Be Love, or This Feels Like Home.


  1. Wow! Kudos to Sean, and welcome to the world of avid romance readers! And Debra's Jake sounds like a reckless thrill seeker we'll all love! Congratulations to both!

    1. Hi Amy, Gotta love those 'bad boys' don't we?!

  2. Sarah, It's been so amazing to hear about all of these new authors and stories here with you. My TBR list is growing and growing and growing. I'm thrilled it's my day today! Thanks for having me!

  3. Love the premise of Sean-Paul's story! Debra, you go girl!

  4. I loved Debra's book and look forward to reading Sean's. Best wishes to both authors on your releases!

    1. Hi Ashantay...Thanks again for the great review. So glad you enjoyed Amber and Jake's story!

  5. Hi Sean! Glad to join you here today. Your book sounds intriguing. I wonder what most people would do if they were given a second chance at things?

  6. Great blurbs, Sean and Debra - very different stories, but both equally tempting!

  7. Lovely to meet a gentleman here today. It's not just the books that grabbed my attention, but the bios too. Most interesting.

  8. Hello everyone! Thanks for stopping by and supporting our authors!

    The winners are: For Debra's book- PAULA MARTIN. For Sean-Paul's is KATE S.

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