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Interview with Author A.B. McKINLEY

I would like to introduce you to A.B. McKinley. He is a Scotsman, a Soldier, an Author, and a Cover Model. Please give him a warm welcome everyone! 

****A.B. is going to give away a free copy of his book to a lucky commenter.****

Please tell my readers a little bit about your book.
My books are Contemporary Action/Romance and are based on real life experiences.

When did you start writing toward publication?

Does your book come from real life or is the story completely made up?
Aye my books are based on actual events.

What’s it like to be a man writing romance in a genre dominated by women?   
It’s been fun. So fer I have found most people tae be supportive

What sort of promo do you do? Do you have help?  
I have a presence on most of the social media outlets and also have a Street Team.

It is my understanding that you are also a cover model. How did you get started in this line of work? Is that you on your book covers?
I did have people tell me I should do my own covers, so I gave it a shot. It was fun and since then I have been asked tae appear on other peoples covers too.

You are originally from Glasgow Scotland.  How did you come to be living in America?
I originally came here tae visit family and ended up staying – All the details are in the books ;)

What’s next for you?
Hoping tae get the books seen by more people and then get the 3rd book done. Am also hoping tae appear on more covers and get more interest in my new fan store which offers lots of fun items. 

A few “quickies” if you don’t mind.
1)      Mountains or Beach? Mountains
2)      Silk or Lace? Leather
3)      Bikini or one piece? Neither suit me
4)      Long or Short hair? Short
5)      What’s your favorite feature on a woman? Eyes
6)      What’s your favorite meal? Philly Cheese steak
7)      What’s your favorite vacation spot? Yellowstone
8)      Who’s your favorite author? Really dinnae have one!
9)      What’s your favorite drink? Beer
10)  Tell us something about you that we wouldn’t be able to find out on the internet.
There’s really nae too much tae tell that has nae already been said, I’m pretty much an open book – Well, fae the shoulders doon anyway!

Scott Maclaren, a strong, Special Forces Scotsman, terribly injured during his tour of duty in Afghanistan. His journey begins with a broken heart after his wife leaves him for another man during his time in the hospital. Traveling across the Atlantic to visit family, his story now begins.

After years of physical therapy and being alone, things were about to look up. Katie Johnson, a beautiful Ohio schoolteacher, was where his ‘dream’ of passion and love were to become reality. Smoldering embers became a passionate, raging fire between them. A wanting and desire that burned for one another as neither had ever experienced before.

Scott’s love for Katie and her two girls would lead him to great lengths to make all their dreams come true, including a six-month security contract in the Middle East. The money would ensure financial security for life.

The contract was to secure the safety of a young attractive businesswoman, Britney Parnell, who is accustomed to getting what she wants… and she wants Scott. She wastes no time in making her yearnings known. All can see her motives, but Scott. His only thoughts while in Baghdad are to keep her safe amidst terrorist attacks, shootings and bombs exploding all around them…

This sensual, sexy adventure begins with the ultimate betrayal and is filled with action, intrigue, passion and steamy love scenes.

Inspired by true events…

A little bit about the author
I was born in Glasgow on Valentines day in the early 1970's. Growing up like many Scottish lads I was in tae most sports, especially football (soccer) and Martial Arts. I left school at age 16 and had many jobs including playing Soccer semi-professionally, being a Kickboxing Instructor and Personal trainer. I joined the army in my early 20's and a few years later tried oot fer the Special Forces. I spent 10 years as a member of the most elite Special Ops unit in the world and completed missions in many countries including Iraq and Afghanistan, often working very closely with Navy Seals and Delta Force. My time in the military was cut short due tae being injured in an aircraft accident. I broke my back and was paralyzed from the waist doon. I was told by the doctors that it was unlikely that I would walk again and tae prepare fer life in a wheelchair. Also at this time, my then wife of 3 years decided tae tell me that she did nae want tae deal with me in my present condition and filed fer divorce. Needless tae say, this was a tough time but I eventually got through it. A few months after the accident I saw a toe on my right foot move slightly, at first I was nae sure if I'd imagined it but a few seconds later I tried tae move it again and it definitely twitched. This was just the start, gradually the movement spread and after nearly 3 years of Physical Therapy, Walking Frames, crutches and braces I was able tae walk again.

How can my readers buy your book? 

Check out my book trailer at: 

You can find more information about A.B. McKinley and his books by
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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Interview with Author JULIA BADE

1.) Tell us about your book. 

The Feria opens in the summer, just before the U.S. enters WWII. Soledad, our heroine, is ready to start a life of her own, beating great odds and earning her place at Stanford in the fall. Life couldn’t be more perfect when she falls hopelessly in love with Xavier, a boy she meets at the feria (Mexican fair). But her love for him will be forsaken when her father marries her off in hopes that this contract marriage with a reputable banker will save the family’s failing fortune. The books spans over two decades following the life of Soledad, watching her conceal a shocking secret from that special summer with Xavier, and reuniting dramatically with him in a less than comfortable situation.

2.) Do you have a writing routine? Where do you usually do your writing?

 I wish I had a writing routine, or better yet, a schedule!! My writing routine is to write late at night when the work of the day is done and my little darlings are all asleep… but I do have to say that once in a while I toss other obligations aside, and I’ll literally write from like 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.! In between, the kids and I will have a little picnic, or they’ll play outside while I write. So although I’m engrossed in my writing, I’m still maintaining my children’s best interests! And my best writing spot is in my bed, no matter what time of the day I embark on a writing adventure.

3.) Why do you write in the genre/sub-genre that you do? Any plans in the future to write in a different one? Gosh! I feel overly inspired by love and romance. Once I wrote my first one, I was hooked! I don’t have one set sub-genre. The Feria is historical, but I’m in the middle of a paranormal and have written two contemporaries. The stories just keep coming and I just can’t stop until they’re out of my head! I also dabble in children’s books that I write with my boys. Right now we’ve got an excellent little series about a little boy and his zombie BFF.

4.) How do you stay motivated when writer’s block hits or your muse won’t cooperate?

 I always look at the finished product, even when that vision is sitting in the back of my mind. The feeling when you’ve completed your manuscript is inexplicable. And then you go and edit it and tear it apart and re-write it, and you’ll get to have that moment all over again. Ha!

5.) What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever done in the name of research?

 *zzzzzz* This gal is BORING! Sadly, nothing strange to report. Oftentimes, though, I’ll people watch or eavesdrop on dialogue for writing purposes.

6.) Describe yourself in three words.

 Tired. Mommy. Writing-Addicted.

7.) What do you like to do in your leisure time? 
Write. I could write all day if life permitted it! Otherwise, it’s all about the family!

8.) Tell us about your current release in a couple of sentences.

First love is beautiful until it's stolen...

Opening in the summer of 1941, we find Soledad, a smart, educated young Mexican-American with big plans to start college in the fall. Then one night at the fair in Mexico (the feria), her heart is stolen. Life is now bliss, but when her father's agricultural empire is threatened, he'll betray Soledad in an act meant to save the family’s fortune.

Brutally torn from her true love, Xavier, Soledad’s existence is thrown into uncertainty. Stuck in a contract marriage, she struggles but finally manages to put her life back together until... two decades and a daughter later... fate intervenes.

THE FERIA is a daring love story dancing on both sides of the border, intricately written around Mexican and American cultures and the great uncertainty that comes with love.

9.) Can you tell us a little about your next project?

Oooh! I’d love to!! My new Paranormal Romance entangles humans, angels of light and darkness, and the Greek gods.

When two angels fight over a woman’s soul, only one can win.

Jacob, an angel of light, has fallen in love with Dr. Dalia Vida, a professor of Romance Languages whose class has become his most favorite haunt. Her soul calls out to him in a way he can't resist. There’s a connection that reminds him of something he once had, something so powerful that he’s never been able to heal from the loss. But when his discouraged dabbling with humans nearly gets Dalia killed, he’ll now have to fight off his counterpart, the Angel of Death, who wants the woman, or the soul, rather, that is rightfully his. But there’s a secret within Dalia, one she doesn’t even realize. And once both angels discover it, there will be hell, or shall we say Hades to pay.

A few quickies!

1) Leather pants or blue jeans?
Blue jeans! Especially if they have holes in the knees!

2) A night out or a night in?
 Always a night in. Some of my most romantic dates have involved a spectacular dinner and quiet time with the hubster after the little ones are out cold!

3) Boxers or Briefs?

4) Coke or Pepsi?

5) What is your favorite genre of music? 
I’m a lover of all genres for sure!

6) What is your favorite meal? 

My sister’s lasagna! I guard that recipe with my life!

Julia Bade and her husband, Eddie. 


Where to buy her books!

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