Friday, February 14, 2014

Day 14 of Two Weeks of Romance

Happy Valentine's Day!

I hope you all are able to celebrate this romantic holiday with the one you love! Here at HEART OF ROMANCE, I try to bring romance to life as often as I can because I don't think we live these special moments just on February 14th. Every day there are special little things that we experience that are romantic. 

As writers, we try to capture love and romance in our books. Today, I would like to introduce you to two authors who have done just that.

First, we have author, AMY JERECKI and her book, Captured by the Pirate Laird. 

Captured Announcement:

Hello everyone! I’m super excited to announce the February 17th release of CAPTURED BY THE PIRATE LAIRD, a sinfully sexy Scottish historical romance. To celebrate, I’m giving away a signed copy of the print book.

Ripped from passion that will be forever seared into their souls, will Anne and Calum risk everything for love?

Wed by proxy to a baron old enough to be her grandfather, Lady Anne trudges up the gangway of a galleon that will deliver her into the arms of a tyrant. Crestfallen, she believes her disastrous life cannot get worse—until she awakes to the blasts of cannon fire.

Facing certain death, Anne trembles in her stateroom while swords clash and the chilling screams of battle rage on the deck above. When a rugged Highlander kicks in her door, she prays for a swift end.

But Laird Calum MacLeod has a reason for plundering the ship—and it’s not a stunning English lass. With no other choice, he takes Anne to his crumbling keep on the isle of Raasay and sends a letter of ransom to her husband. In time, Anne grows to understand MacLeod’s plight and finds it increasingly difficult to resist Calum’s unsettling charm—until the baron sends a reply agreeing to terms.

Thanks to Sarah Hoss for inviting me to her blog! Happy Valentines Day!!

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Next, I would like to introduce you to author, JEVENA WILLOW, and her book, Wise Indecision.

Becca Wellerby is to be the new sheriff of Sweet Willow, North Dakota. A town of only men, she didn’t come all this way just to be shunned by those who don’t want her as their boss. This is a new start to a new beginning. Back off...or get out of her way.

Fox Windlow figures a woman as sheriff will ruin everything, including the stubborn unwillingness of all the men in town. He can’t solve a murder, protect the innocent, and still keep hot looking Becca at bay without something going wrong...or losing his heart to her.


“Good. Get back in your patrol car, and start leading the way.”

Becca stepped back, watching the man do as told. She held back her sly grin until he was well out of sight. She had no actual idea if Fox Windlow and Dan Laherty were partners. They were not exactly cut from the same cloth. Yet, by playing her cards right in what was known as a man’s game, she’d gotten herself an escort directly to her future.

With any luck, she would have the entire police force waiting there to help carry her personal belongings inside.

As she followed behind Officer Laherty’s marked squad car, she glanced in the squad’s rearview mirror and watched his mouth moving. He was talking into his radio, likely informing anyone else foolish enough hidden up ahead to back off before heads started to roll. She was in no mood to be harassed again.

Twenty minutes later, she carefully maneuvered her cumbersome van up a long, gravel driveway, then parked the vehicle behind the squad car. She shut down the engine in utter relief and took a few moments to gather her breath, and hopefully enough courage to actually get out of the vehicle. She did not feel ready to face this second challenge just yet.

She studied the dilapidated house in front of her surrounded by lots of nothing. Ill-manicured lawn, a carpet of decaying leaves at least three inches thick, burdock four feet high under the windowsills, and if she was not mistaken the chimney was a little off-kilter.

No wonder she’d missed the turnoff. She hadn’t been looking for a place in the middle of nowhere. Somehow, the mental image of home for the next twenty-plus years was slightly different than this. It would probably take her years to feel at home. Tears pricked at the corners of her eyes, again, and she felt the familiar pinch to the heart. She’d certainly never felt at home anywhere else.

“Captain?” Officer Windlow stood outside her vehicle, his hand held out to guide her down the one large metal step that it would take her to gain North Dakota ground under her feet. He must have driven straight here from pulling her over. He’d gained enough time while his cohort followed on the path of his sins.

She nodded her thanks to such a gallant show of chivalry, but ignored the kind gesture as best she could. After all, she was still spitting tacks over the tiny matter of being pulled over not once, but twice, by Sweet Willow’s finest. They’d earned her wrath. The very least she could do was reward them their prize.

She might have been ready for a new challenge, but she wasn’t ready for what a man could complicate, and Fox Windlow was just too much man and too much complication this late at night.

Becca shook off any ill feelings. She glanced at the monstrosity that loomed directly in front of her and sucked in a deep, agonizing breath. Well . . . this was it. This was her very last second chance. And she was surrounded by nothing but . . . incredibly gorgeous men? Yes. Fate sucks.

Jevenna lives in Wisconsin in the same small town she was born in. Her debut novel, Wise Indecision, she has five novels with Soul Mate Publishing, each holding true to the characterizations and idiosyncrasies of small town folks. The smaller the town—the bigger the secrets.

She is happily married and has two wonderful sons. Most say they married their high school sweetheart. Jevenna married the cute guy she’d met in her kindergarten class when five years old. Quite romantic! She has spent the last twenty-five years as co-owner and operator of the family dairy farm and writes in her spare time. With a smile, this translates to wet springs, cold winters…so, pretty much all the time.

She is a PRO member of RWA and Green Bay chapter member of WisRWA, and writes contemporary, historical, suspense, and paranormal romances. When not writing—and not farming—she loves to kayak, and do anything outdoorsy; loves to get her hands dirty. Her motto she devotes enormous time to: “Every life should have nine cats…and of course one great man!”

Where to find her-
She would love to hear from you. You can visit her website for more, blog at and connect with her on Facebook at 

 WHAT to win and HOW to win?
First, you have to leave a comment to be eligible. Second- Jevenna is giving away a $25 Amazon gift card and Amy is giving away a print copy of her book. 


  1. Hello! I have to say that I found Amy's book cover so appealing, that, I had to read it and was to surprise to discover that in fact it was a captivating pirate-Scottish adventure as I like them. Looking forward to read her next book The Highland Henchman.
    I love to discover new-to-me authors and give their books a chance!

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  4. Hi Sarah!!! I love the Valentines flowers...very lovely. Thank you for visiting my blog! I'm so excited to give away a copy of Captured!! The print books look amazing! Happy Valentines to everyone and congrats to Jevenna for Wise Indecision!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Hi Nicole--So glad you took a chance on Captured, and thank you so much for your lovely review! I wish we could clone you :-)

  6. Amy, I love pirate stories. Yours with a Highlander seems like a unique twist!

  7. Hi Jevenna, I write small town stories too. However I do it to live vicariously since I live in a Chicago suburb!

  8. Thanks for being here. I enjoy finding new authors and I'll be sure to check out your books.

  9. A Highlander and pirate! Sounds like something I need to read! :)

    1. Hi Cynthia...The hero actually was a Highlander and a pirate! Holy smokes!!

  10. Your last book that I read was pretty steamy! Can't wait to get a copy of Captured by the Pirate Laird!

  11. I read Wise Indecision and WOW...I found the plot and characters all extremely intriguing. Can't wait for the next novel to come out! I'll be sure to buy it and I am sure I'll love it just as I did this one.

  12. I absolutely loved Captured by the Pirate Laird!! I have to get the paperback now :) All of my favorite books on my e-reader, also become prized possessions on my book shelf. I can't wait for the next one Amy!

  13. Congratulations to both Amy and Jevenna on the new releases - both books sound really good!

  14. Valentines should be every day I think. For me it's the little things that count more than the big gestures.

    I would never say no to a gift of romance in book form. Both books sound fantastic.

  15. Both books sound great!
    Hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's Day.

  16. Thanks for stopping by everyone!
    The winners are- For Amy's book is, MIKKOAZUL and the winner for Jevenna's book is NICOLE L.

    Please email me at to claim your prizes. Thank you!

  17. Hi Sarah! Thank you so much for hosting me on your site!! I'll also let Mikko know she's the winner. She was my roommate at the SFWC a few years ago and we still keep in touch.