Wednesday, March 9, 2011

When the Muse wants to be heard

I have mentioned before that I have written a historical romance novel with a time travel element. It is set in Scotland and stars Marlana Crawford and Alexander Macpherson.

What you don't know is that Alexander has a sister, Margaret, and two brothers, Hamish and James.

I had decided to make this a series and tell the stories of the brothers. Margaret is already married so I am not sure if she will have a story to tell or not. She hasn't asked me for one at this point.
The books will feature the siblings, as I believe that since they are family, they would be seen in each others lives. But their stories do not effect each other. They each stand alone.
I had already started James's story. I have been working on it, researching the things I need etc. But I will tell you that for some reason, Hamish seems to be pushy and is wanting his story told now. All of these ideas have invaded my mind the last two days, so I have set James back on his pedestal for now and am letting Hamish work his magic.
There isn't anything I can do about it. I have tried to write for James in the last two days, but find myself wandering to Hamish. We will see what happens. At some point, I imagine I will be working on two stories at once. The Macpherson men are stubborn and the last thing I would ever do is tell one no. LOL! That just gives them the incentive to try harder.
So, what do you do when your muse wants to be heard? You sit back, listen, and take notes!

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