Thursday, March 10, 2011

Totally HOT Thursdays

When I was at my parent's house the other day, I realized she had a few new movies. After perusing through her selection, I saw one called "The Keeper of Time." The man on the front was gorgeous. After reading the back, I knew who I had to post for today. And here he is!

His name is Michael O'Hearn.

Born Patrick Michael O'Hearn on Jan. 26, 1969 in Seattle Washington. He is #8 out of 9 children. He stands 6'3".

Married to Midajah of World Championship Wrestling.

He has modeled, been on T.V. shows and in movies.

Michael began body building at the age of 7 and is a 4 time Mr. Universe winner. All pictures of Michael on this blog are from his website, Michael O'Hearn.


  1. You had me at his surname...and then came the scruff! Oh yeah, he is definitely a sight for sore eyes.
    Great choice, Sarah!

  2. O-M-F-G.....pant, pant....pant,pant, drrrooooooolllllllll. Sarah, I have never heard of that movie but I think I will be tripping over my feet to get a hold of it!

    WOW,it's ugly and raining outside and MAN that was Totally hot. You woke me up!

  3. I am so glad you ladies approve. Like I said, when I saw him in the movie, I had to look him up. He looks great with long black hair too!!