Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Totally HOT Thursdays

Okay, I am well aware that it isn't Thursday but I am interviewing an amazing author, Nicole North on Thursday and I didn't want this hunk, and he is certainly HOT, to compete with the guest author. Just too much greatness in one day.......

My HUNK for today is a man I watch on my soap at 1 p.m. everyday. I first saw him on Passions as Luis Fitzgerald and then got very excited when he switched over to Days Of Our Lives. As Raef Hernandez, he is the sexy cop who is married to Sami Brady. Don't know who he is yet?

He was born GALEN GERING on Feb. 13, 1971 in Los Angelas to French and Spanish hippie parents. He has one older sister. Galen has modeled along with working on T.V. and in movies.

Website: Galen Gering - actor
Facebook: Galen's page on facebook

Galen all wet...mmm yummy

What a man!

Galen in a towel...mmmm

Long hair or short, the man knocks my socks off!


  1. Oh.............Sarah....Galen is SO beautiful! I am sucker for a winning smile and his boy next door facade. I LOVE this Totally Hot Thursday (on Tuesday). Great job, Sarah.

    May do I have to step it up now!

  2. Wow he is definitely hot and sexy!!! Whew!!! He has a wonderful smile (and body.) ;) I feel so special and honored that you moved your hunk day for me! :) Thanks!!

  3. I want him. Plain and simple. That long hair did me in honey. He is gorgeous!

    Oh...and him being wet...man oh man...My tongue is getting sore from licking my screen.

    Jesu! and tomorrow we get to see Renee's hot man!

    I am in heaven.

  4. Great choice, Sarah! I love Galen on DAYS. He's the perfect match for Sami and super hot!

  5. Thank you all for stopping by and seeing this hanssome man. I have always been a BIG fan of Galen.

    RENEE- you did a pretty good job yourself on Wednesday!
    JENA- I agree and though I am not sure what to think of this story line for him, I do like him matched with Sami.
    NICOLE- You are most welcome!
    LIZZIE- You are most welcome! LOL!