Monday, March 7, 2011

Read an E-book week

This week is Read an E-book week. At Smashwords, you can get many titles at an amazing discount ranging from 25% to 50% off the normal price. The dates for this sale is March 6-12,2011.

You can go to Smash Words to find books like these.

Mac Liam by Renee Vincent

Use code RAE25

Raeliksen by Renee Vincent

Use code RAE50


  1. You are an absolute doll, Sarah! Thank you sweetie!

  2. Sarah, I heard you were having trouble locating my book at Smashwords. Here's the link. I hope it works this time. My book is a free read until March 12th, then it goes back to the regular price of 99 cents.

    Have a great day and thanks for spreading the word!


  3. You are welcome Renee!

    I am glad you are able to get your link on here Sidney. Hope it helps!

  4. Sidney, I will post yours on my blog tomorrow. :-)

  5. Thanks, Sarah! I appreciate you sharing the information. I'm excited to read new authors. :-)

  6. Thanks for commenting Melissa. Glad I can help!