Tuesday, December 7, 2010

My family traditions part 2

Another tradition that has become a favorite of mine, is Candy Making Day.

(My sister Kim, niece Shelbey, and Sister-In-Law Laura.)

Thanksgiving, Candy Making Day and Christmas Eve are rotated between the family, that way, one person isn't doing the same thing or can visit their family if need be. This year, CMD is at my house.

We usually start around 10 AM. This includes my sisters, my mother, a couple of cousins and any girls over the age of 13. There is usually about 15-20 of us there. Then the men take the kids and will congregate at another house for the day.

Christmas music plays in the background. We make buckeyes, dipped pretzels, peanut brittle, 6 flavors of rock candy, think mint cookies, sugar cookies, chocolate chip cookies, divinity, rice crispie treats, and fudge. Of course, these are the things we always make. Someone usually finds something new to try. Then we take whatever container we brought and split it up.

(My niece Joy)

After we have made an obscene amount of goodies, the husbands and children come back and we have dinner and play cards. It is a fun day to be had by all!!


  1. We never made candy, but we always made gingerbread men. My boys are grown so I plan to start baking some soon to give as gifts for family. One way to keep the tradition going is to think of my family while I bake and decorate!
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  2. CMD sounds like a lot of fun!

    My Mom, my younger brother and I would make fudge and sugar cookies. My Mom is legendary for her fudge and after she pours it in the pan to cool, we snag spoons and eat what she leaves in the pan for us while it's still warm. :-)

    Now I want some fudge. LOL.
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Thanks ladies for leaving a comment. I love to hear the traditions of others. They sound great an di am glad that you have those memories to pass onto your kids!

    Merry Christmas!