Monday, December 27, 2010

I can't believe it is over!

Well, Christmas has come and gone. I find it hard to believe. All of that hard work for the last three months, 12 hours of shopping on Black Friday, countless hours working on the food, waiting for the kids to go to sleep so that "Santa" can bring the presents out, and all for what? To have it all gone in one day...LOL!

In my house, to make the unwrapping of presents last a little longer, we draw numbers and then we watch as everyone opens there gifts, oohing, and ahhing as they go. This way, we all get to see what everyone got and enjoy it with them.
So now, we are recovering from the day. Everyone is still playing with their toys, my husband is having a blast playing Guitar Hero with the kids, and I am enjoying having him home for the holidays. It's nice to have an extra day off together.
Now it is time to plan a New Year's Eve party. I will be hosting the gathering at my house and this year we have come up with a theme, Alter Ego. Everyone must come dressed as their alter ego. I can't wait to see what people will choose. As for me? I will let you know, I haven't quite decided.
We have hosted a themed New Year's Eve party before. It was a slumber party. We always invite the children, so every came in their pajamas and brought pillows and sleeping bags. I sent all of the invitations in a slipper. When the families arrived, they had to show their slipper, then they found their match and the two families had to do a challenge together. We had sooo much fun!!! All of our drinks were in mugs, we played Pictionary, etc.
Do you have plans for the New Year? I hope you will share them here!


  1. Hi Sweetie: New Year's is usually quiet for us. We generally have a few friends over and play games, watch the ball drop and then call it a night because we're old fogies. I love the Alter Ego Idea...i have no idea who i'd go as...maybe Claire Fraser?? (Altho Claire and I have nothing in common...hmmm)
    Happy New Year - have fun and stay safe!!

  2. I am so tickled that you were able to get on here and leave a comment. Glad to see it finally working for you!

    As for the New Year's, we usually host a party at our house. I don't want to travel that night. I would stay at home and celebrate with my children. We have a good turn out, so we have a lot of fun!

    I wish the best for you in the new year. I miss you bunches!It would be great to hear your voice!