Saturday, December 4, 2010

My family traditions part 1

Thanksgiving has come and gone. So you would think that the day after would be a time to sit down and relax. Not in my house!

My friend Kristie and I go shopping on "Black Friday" every year. Since some of the stores opened at midnight this year, we left our town at 11pm. Now, Kristie and I are die hard shoppers, but we keep it fun. We circle the lot until we get a great parking spot. We keep our eyes open and will change check out lanes to stay in the shortest one. We have a good time and make get a lot of great deals.

When I come home, which happened to be at 11 am this year, (a whole 12 hours of shopping!!!!), it is time for my family and I to put up the tree and outside lights. We play Christmas music and with the dog barking at the string of lights as we test them, it's a lot of fun! We each have a job to do and when we are done we always have a wonderful dinner and watch Christmas shows on T.V.
Most of the time, I'm passed out in the chair by 9 pm. (But do you blame me?)
Stay tuned for the next tradition in our house!


  1. Sounds like a warm & loving start to the holidays and that's what it's all about!

  2. A great start to your holidays. In fact, I am pausing my e-mail reading and manuscript writing to go finish. Still searching for an extension cord!
    UNWRAPPING CHRIS, my contemporary military romance, available today on Amazon!

  3. I agree Maeve!I love this time of year.

    Nancy, good luck on your book.

  4. Sarah what a lovely tradition! Every year I must have White Christmas playing on the tv while I wrap presents. I don't do the Black Friday thing. Years of working in retail when I was in my 20's scarred me forever. LOL. We also have to play It's a Wonderful Life and what Christmas would be complete with out the Charlie Brown Christmas special or Rudolph and Santa Clause is coming to town?

    OR my very own personal favorite "The Year without a Santa Clause" Anyone who says they don't know the Heatmizer song is kidding you. LOL

  5. I love all of those shows and we watch them every night they are on. It doesn't matter if we see it 7 times in one month, we love them. Istarted singing the song in my head when I read that!

    I love "White Christmas" and "Baby New Year."