Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Where's Rebecca?

Ever play the game, Where's Waldo? Well, I want to know "Where's Rebecca?"

I received in the mail a book. It is Veronica Wolff's, "Lord of the Highlands" and it is signed by Veronica herself but it was autographed to a Rebecca. I called the lady who sent it to me and we squared away the confusion. This still left me with the book.

I already have my own autographed copy of this book from Veronica, so I wondered what could I do with this extra book? Veronica suggested I have a "Where's Rebecca?" contest. So here we are.

If you know of anyone who is named Rebecca or you are named Rebecca, please leave me a comment. Who ever can guess my middle name will win. I will let this run for a few days and at the end of Thursday, I will pick a winner.

So, go out there and tell your friends. Help me find Rebecca!


  1. Can I pretend that I am Rebecca? I have renamed myself Rebecca so therefore the book belongs to me. LOL!! er....

    Okay...so I have to guess your name. Can't you guess my middle name and if it's right I win? No? Okay let me try this again (this is what happens when you have sugar after five pm).

    I will guess Lynn? Do we get a do over if we are wrong? LOL

  2. My sister's name is Rebecca. I have a friend Rebecca.

    I'll say your middle name is Rebecca. LOL!

  3. OK everyone. Sorry I am late here. I worked crazy hours this weekend and had a birthday party and a wedding reception to go to.

    The winner is Lizzie. My middle name is Lynn. Thanks for answering you two!