Friday, September 10, 2010

A few of Scotland's finer things! (part 4)

When we think of Scotland there are a few images that come to mind. Okay ladies, men in kilts is the first thing that comes to mind, I get it! Besides that and the great country side, what else do you think of? Yes, the food. Everyone has heard of Haggis and maybe even some of you have tried it. Here is one recipe and the link to a whole lot more!

OATCAKES- Oatcakes were a very important part of the diet and were cooked on a griddle over the fire.
INGREDIENTS- 4 oz. medium oatmeal, 2 t of melted fat (bacon fat prefered), 2 pinches of bicarbonate of soda, pinch of salt, 3/4 T of hot water, additional oatmeal for kneading.

Mix the oatmeal, salt, and bicarbonate soda and pour in the melted fat into the center of the mixture. Stir well, using a porridge stick if you have one and add enough water to make a stiff paste. Cover a surface in oatmeal and turn the mixture onto this. Work quickly, as the paste is difficult to work with if it cools. Divide into two and roll one half into a ball and knead with hands covered in oatmeal to stop it sticking. Roll out to around quarter inch thick. Put a plate which is slightly smaller than the size of your pan over the flattened mixture and cut round to leave a circular oatcake. Cut into quarters (also called farls) and place in a heated pan which has been slightly greased. Cook for about three minutes until the edges curl slightly, turn, and cook the other side. Get ready with another oatcake while the first is being cooked.

An alternative method of cooking is to bake them in an oven at 375 degrees for about 30 minutes or until brown at the edges.

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