Wednesday, October 3, 2012

My interview in my local newspaper

Books by Sarah Hoss get to the heart of romance
Comet staff report

Sarah Hoss of Delphi has written two romance books that are scheduled for release in the next few months.

“Heaven Sent” is a contemporary romance novella and will be out Dec. 19. It is being published by The Wild Rose Press. “Dreams of the Highlander” is a historical paranormal romance. Hoss said an exact release date has not been set, but she expects it to come out toward the end of the winter season. The publisher is Soul Mate Publishing.

“Heaven Sent” is about flight nurse Tenlee Hawkins, who finds a man unconscious in her woods and saves his life. He awakens in the hospital with a concussion and no memory. Tenlee takes Sam into her home and her life. But as he recovers and remembers who he is, he’s torn. As the promise of true love grows, Tenlee realizes that Sam has helped her much more than she ever helped him. But Sam is filled with guilt knowing he must soon leave. Will it take a Christmas miracle to find the life with Tenlee he’s always wanted?

“Dreams of the Highlander” is a historical paranormal time travel story. “They say time heals all wounds. They never said it would take three hundred years.” After suffering with the loss of his wife and child, fierce Highland warrior, Alexander Macpherson vows to never love again - but now his recurring dream of a beautiful woman is haunting him every night. Marlana Crawford has sworn off men after the love of her life cheated on her, but when she reveals her dreams of a sexy Scot to her friends, they encourage her to take a trip abroad in hopes of finding out the meaning of her dreams. One careless wish lands Marlana in 18th century Scotland and into the arms of Alexander. To conquer his pain, he must learn to love again or will he allow his bitter enemy to lay claim to her for himself?

Hoss is the daughter of Wayne and Reva Disinger of Delphi. She grew up believing she could try anything and if she set her mind to it, she would succeed. Sixteen years of dance lessons, cheerleading, and school plays proved to her that her parents’ words rang true. Writing was no exception.

Reading the “Outlander” series made her fall in love with time travels and the historical places books could take her. Always a child with a vivid imagination, she realized as an adult that she could put her imagination to good use, and began writing.

Hoss married her very own hero, Andy. “We have three beautiful children and one hyper dog,” she said.

" I have been writing now for about five years and have enjoyed the journey very much.” Hoss said.
When she isn’t writing, she enjoys reading, gardening, camping, and watching her kids play sports.
She has a blog called “Heart of Romance” where she posts things about her writing and does author interviews. The address is She can also be followed on Facebook and


  1. Very, very cool there, Sarah Hoss. Many blessings and congrats to you for your hard work and dedication! Your stories sound wonderful. :)

  2. You're not only an awesome author and Celtic Hearts Sister, you're now a local celebrity. So cool! =)

  3. Awesome interview! Can't wait to read your books. :)

  4. What a great interview, Sarah! I am ever so proud of you and cannot wait to read your two upcoming releases. Great job of getting published, dear!

  5. Fantastic interview, Sarah. Wishing you the best of luck with your book. Love the cover!!!

  6. Great interview! I can't wait to read the books, they sound captivating.

  7. This is wonderful, Sarah. Your dedication is paying off. You should be proud of yourself. Congratulations!

  8. Wonderful interview, Sarah! Congratulations!

  9. Thank you very much everyone! Your well wishes and visiting me here today is very appreciated!

    I can't wait for the books to be out and see what people think. I do hope you will love them!

  10. WOW! Great interview, Sarah! You're the best local celebrity in Delphi!

    I'm so happy and proud for you. I can't wait for your two upcoming releases. Great job of getting published!

    Hope you have great sales!

  11. I want to thank everyone for stopping by and reading the interview. I appreciate your kind words and your support.