Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Celtic Hearts Romance Writers

Celtic Hearts Romance Writers is a special interest chapter of RWA®.

The focus of our chapter is on the very popular Celtic genre. We have many benefits to offer our members such as an email loop, bimonthly newsletter, research area, academy for workshops, author promotions, reduced contest entry fee, a chatroom, and forums available to all our members. We also offer our members two (2) free workshops per year. All this for $15 the first year, and only $10 a year thereafter. Celtic Hearts Romance Writers is more than just a group of writers. We're a clan that offers our members unconditional support during the journey that is romance writing.

*Join CHRW*
It's easy to become a member of Celtic Hearts Romance Writers! Simply provide the information below and submit your dues through Paypal. If you prefer you may pay by check - just click the appropriate button, and you'll be provided an address for mailing. Go to www.celtichearts.org for more information.

*Please note: You must be a member of RWA National to join Celtic Hearts Romance Writers.

I am a member of this group and I would like to tell you that I absolutely love this group. Not only because of the friends that I have made who feel more like a family to me, but because of the wealth of knowledge that flows through its people. We discuss EVERYTHING celtic. from countries, clothing, music, etc, to how to maneuver through the industry.

If you are an author and your writing is celtic themed, please consider joining Celtic Hearts Romance Writers.

Sarah Hoss

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