Thursday, December 15, 2011

Totally HOT Thursdays

Today's Totally HOT Thursday comes to you in two parts. I am doing my usual handsome man but I am also going to add a woman to today's post. I hope you won't be disappointed in my choice this week, I know I wasn't!!!!

Please, sit back and enjoy and thanks for indulging me in the add on. Here's to you Derek!!!

So, to show that chivalry and manners aren't dead, we will let the lady go first. So, let me introduce you to.


BORN- Copenhagen Denmark
BIRTHDAY- Dec. 25, 1968
Father is Danish and Mother is Peruvian.
HEIGHT- 5'10"
HAIR- Brown
EYES- Blue/Green

Helena won the Miss Denmark title in 1986 and represented Denmark in the Miss Universe pageant in 1986. From there she went into modeling. As a child she wanted to be a musician.

In 1991, she starred in Chris Isaac's music video for Wicked Game.


Now, let me introduce you to:


BORN- May 17, 1974 in Chicago, IL
HOMETOWN- San Antonio
PARENTS- Immigrated to the US from India. Are in the medical field.
SIBLINGS- One sister- she is a doctor
MARRIED- Sorry ladies- he is married to actress Olga Sosnovska
KIDS- he has a daughter and a son

Sendhil went to Tufts Univ. to study pre-med. When he took an Intro to Acting class, he left and never looked back.

You will remember him on the hit shows HEROES and COVERT AFFAIRS.




  1. OOOooo CP!!! You did an excellent job!! One of my favorite things about Helena is her eyes. They are so mesmerizing. Have you seen the short story video done by her and Supermodel David Gandy(my mythical husband)?

    It's called Away We Stay:

    As for Sendhil, if his voice alone (he was also the narrator for Heroes) doesn't make you melt, his delicious face and body will! The medical community's loss is definitely our gain!

    Great job CP!!!

  2. My, My, My Miss Sarah. You've really done it today, haven't you! Two gorgeous, sexy eye candy. WOW is all I can say. Verra nice!

  3. LOL. Yeah, I remember her in the Wicked Game video. She's a beauty alright. Thanks for thinking of me.

  4. Excellent sexy choices, Sarah! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Sendhil is SO sexy! I loved him on HEROES. How nice of you to think of Derek. Helena is gorgeous.

  6. I am glad you all liked my choices. I agree, that Helena's eyes are amazing. I love the whole dark hair and light eyes look.

    As for Sendhil, I didn't know he was the voice at the beginning. Very sexy!

  7. Wow I am soooooo late on coming to this post! *embarrassed* Sorry for being so late, Sarah.

    I thought it was cute that you posted a woman for Derek. How considerate of you!
    Great choices for both genders!
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend, sweetie!

  8. Thanks Renee! Same to you and I am glad you stopped by, regardless if it was late or not.

    Good weekend to you to.