Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Romance Countdown To 2012

We all love December. The snow, the cheer, the music, the decorations, the food, gathering with the ones we love, and let's not forget selebrating Jesus's birth!

No matter what your is for loving December, you know you have to admit that the closer Christmas gets, the more excited you become. The kid in us never really leaves, we just have more practice at hiding the excitement... LOL!

Let me tell you how YOU can have Christmas EVERY day for the month of December. That's right..... every day!!!

See that little yellow box over in the left hand column titled "Romance Countdown To 2012"? Click on that box and it will take you to Marilyn Wigglesworth's blog, Jaguar Warriors, and there she is hosting this event.

Here's how it works:

Every day of the month, Marilyn will have a post from a different author. Read the post and then leave a comment and your email address. It's that simple!!!! 

Here is a great way to learn about new authors and find some great books. But books aren't the only thing you could win. You will have to stop by everyday to see what prizes are being offered and if you enter more than one day, you can be entered to win the BIG basket of goodies. And remember, somedays have more than one aithor listed so that's TWO ways to win.

This isn't just about winning the prises though. We really do hope you will enjoy reading  these posts and hopefully find a new author to read!!!!!

SO- don't forget!!!  Contest starts Dec. 1 and runs through Dec. 31.   You must leave a comment, a name and an email address to be eligible. Enter more than one day to be eligible for the BIG basket of goodies so you will have to come back more that one day.

Here is the list of days and authors.
Dec. 1- Angela Scavone and Cheryl Yeko

Dec. 2- Char Chaffin and Dawn Ireland

Dec. 3- Kristi Lea and Elle Hill/ Lesleigh Owens

Dec. 4- Casey Wyatt/ Christine Wunch and B.J. Scott

Dec. 5- J.L. Bowen/ Mary Guida

Dec. 6- Deena Remiel

Dec. 7- Kallypso Masters

Dec. 8- Maeve Greyson

Dec. 9- Caridad Scordato

Dec. 10- Jessica Aspen

Dec. 11- Cari Quinn

Dec. 12- Renee Vincent

Dec. 13- Karen Cote

Dec. 14- Cathryn Fox

Dec. 15- Nikki Duncan

Dec. 16- Misty Evans

Dec. 17- Sharon Buchbinder

Dec. 18- Hillary Seidl

Dec. 19- Kimberly Killion

Dec. 20- Adriana Kraft

Dec. 21- Laura Kaye

Dec. 22- Eliza Knight

Dec. 23- Zoe Archer

Dec. 24- Marilyn Wigglesworth

Dec. 25- Lizzie Walker and Sarah Hoss

Dec. 26- Karen Kay

Dec. 27- Nicole North

Dec. 28- Kendra James and Teri Gilbert

Dec. 29- Cynthia Owens

Dec. 30- Mary Guida

Dec. 31- Kate Douglass


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  1. Thanks Sarah for posting information about The Romance Countdown to 2012 Author's Holiday Giveaway Event.

    Will be lots of fun for everyone!