Thursday, July 28, 2011

Totally HOT Thursdays

Today's Totally HOT Thursday is seems to have taken me forever to get done. Internet in town was slower than it was at my house in the country. Besides for the fact that I just couldn't decide who I wanted to feature today. Just too many good looking guys out there. LOL!

So I have decided to feature none other then the hunkie Mr. CHARLES PAZ!

1) Chalres Paz was Mr. Romance 2009.
2) Not only is he a model, he is a photographer.
3) His full name is Charles David Paz after his father and grandfather.
4) Favorite snack food is Peanut M & M's.
5) Got his start in a body building competition in 2007.
6) You may visit Charles on Facebook at
7) You can also find him at


  1. Verra nice eye candy today, Sarah. It doesn't matter that he's late...he is worth waiting for. Thanks for the spirit lift today. :)

  2. So THAT'S his name!! I have seen that last picture but could never find his name! MMM I will share peanut M&M's with him ANY OLD DAY!!!

    WHOO-HOO, thanks Sarah!

  3. Charles is one of my favs. He's such a personable guy! And women seem to relate to him because he is one of those men who has to work hard at keeping fit. He is not a slim boy and has to work out twice as hard as other men to keep the weight off. He's an inspiration that with hard work, you can accomplish your dreams.

  4. I can see why Charles was Mr. Romance 2009! Thanks for sharing Sarah!

  5. Totally hot is right, no matter the day!! :-) Thanks for sharing this hotness today.

  6. Thanks ladies for responding. He is a cutie and I love what Renee had to say about him. It is nice to know that he is so candid about his weight.

    All of the interviews i read about him made him seem like such a gentleman.