Tuesday, July 26, 2011

It's a writing stand still

Yup, that's right. I am having a moment of complete and utter writing stand still. It isn't because I have writer's block. Not at all. I know exactly what I want to say and I know where I want to take my story. The problem is, who to write what I want and do it the right way.

My heroine started out as any American girl, but as I kept writing she decided she wanted to bring forth her Cherokee heritage. Which is totally fine with me. In researching for her, I can learn more about my own heritage. The problem is to write about it and do it respectfully. I want to honor the traditions. So, do I write about them or not. Well, I have decided not to use the traditions I wanted to but maybe refer to them in passing. This way, it is mentioned and I don't offend anyone by screwing anything up.

The other problem is bringing in two totally different religions and making them work without causing a major conflict. My heroine is of Cherokee blood but I need to bring in a moment of witch craft for my time travel to work. So, how do I do this and do it appropriately.

I understand that writing fiction gives me a certain amount of playing room to write what I want, but that still doesn't mean I can just DO what I want.

So, how do I  decide the best way to bring the Hero forward in time? Do I do it before she runs for her life or after she has already ran? I also realize I have written 45 pages and the heroine owns 35 of them and the story actually belongs to the Hero. *sigh* The heroine talks way to much...... LOL!!!

So, wish me luck as I sit back and diligently work and trying to get past this stand still. I have been writing like crazy and I hate to have to slow down now.

Will keep you posted! Until next time---


  1. I know how you feel! I wrote a book and although I love all things Scottish, my hero SCREAMED in FRENCH that he was from Paris. Oh, well. The manuscript rocks, because I listened. Good luck!

  2. Have fun with it, Sarah. Write what comes to you. You can always edt later.

  3. Thanks ladies. I am working through it!!!

  4. Hi Sarah,
    If you're heroine is this verbal, I'd go with it. You can always edit it later. It may just be info for your eyes only to help you learn her. I've had characters do that to me. ugh! But in the long run it was very helpful!

    I agree with Dawn, have fun with it!

    best of luck and let me know if I can help with anything...

  5. It's frustrating to hit any sort of roadblock, whether it's from a lack of ideas, that you can't carve out writing time, or what you're going through. I've been there and dealt with it too, Sarah. It helps me when I take a break from my WIP and watch a movie or read a book in my favorite time period. Sometimes a single word or a piece of music can jump start my muse and get me back on track.

    Best of luck to you!