Monday, June 27, 2011

Writer's week

This week was to be an unforgettable week. I had been making plans to go to New York for the RWA Nationals Convention. This is the TOP convention for romance writers. There are workshops to be taken, lectures to be heard by guest speakers such as Brenda Novak or Sherrilyn Kenyon. Authors will be there to sign their books and groups get together in the evenings. A writer also had the chance to pitch to an editor or agent.

BUT- I am unable to go. They started selling tickets in January and I was unable to purchase mine until May. By then it was sold out. So, my two critique partner's and I decided to go to Michigan to Melissa's house and have a writer's week and then go to the Place Your Heart In A Book convention in New Jersey. A week after we made that decision, we got a letter from RWA letting us know that there had been some cancellations and if we still wanted to go, we could. We had three days to make the decision or pass it on to someone else.

That was a hard choice to make. But in the end, we decided to go with our new plan. Spend the week together writing and polishing our work. Get ourselves ready and then in October, we would all three attend the New Jersey conference. There are still lots of opportunities to pitch and take workshops.
So, tomorrow, I head to Michigan. I am so excited to meet with my CP's, Melissa Stark and Lizzie Walker, and spend our time being creative. My goal? I would like to get 20K written between Wednesday and Friday.

I think this is going to be a great 5 days with these ladies. I am very excited and know it will still be an unforgettable time! I will not promise to blog during this week, but I hope to and post pictures of our time together.

To my fellow writers who are in New York, please have a safe trip and an awesome time.


  1. Sarah, Have a great time in Michigan. Say hello to Melissa and Lizzie for me. Be productive and have a great time! I'm sure you will enjoy the NJRW conference. I attended it several times when I lived in NJ. It will be a good introduction to the conference experience.

    btw: I miss you all at Critters.

  2. What a fabulous getaway, Sarah! Have a fun time with your CP's and write, write, write. =)

  3. ALEXA- Thanks. We are!!

    DAWN- Melissa and Lizzie say hello back to you. We are looking forward to the NJ conference. And BTW- we miss being in Critters and you!

    JENA- We are I promise!