Thursday, June 16, 2011

Totally HOT Thursdays

I am bringing to you a special treat from 'Down Under." ***WARNING- PHOTOS MAY CAUSE SHORTNESS OF BREATH AND HEART PALPITATIONS. ***

This models name is IVAN SCANNELL.

Ivan is from Sydney, Australia and is 25 years old. In 2006, he was the winner of Mr. Supermodel Australia. But that isn't his only talent! Ivan is a track sprinter and is training very hard to represent Australia in the 2012 Olympics.

AND- it doesn't stop there! Ivan has a Bachelor's Degree in Commerce Accounting & Corporate Law, Diploma in Financial Planning and he is a Certified Personal Trainer. He is a Certified Personal Trainer and Consultant.

He is also launching which is an interactive website with a comprehensive list of programs and tools this he has developed of the years as a personal trainer, model, and athlete.

You may find him Facebook, Twitter, and his personal website,
Simply beautiful. Eyes that could search your soul.
They talk about the beauty of a body in motion, but I say beauty lies in a body at rest. Don't you agree?
A man in a suit is very sexy indeed.
There isn't a comment I could make that wouldn't get me in trouble. LOL!


  1. He has the LOVELIEST ASSets... Oh man. I guy that is packing in the front and the back AND smart on top of it.

    It's time for a visit to Aussieland. They do have quite a lot of yummy lads theres!

    THANK YOU!!!

  2. Okay I was so busy looking at his ASSets that I meant to type "A guy that is..."

    Wow...tripping over my fingers. Must be the drool on the keyboard. LOL

  3. Thanks Lizzie for stopping by and for suggesting him. He is yummy!!

    And you are right, a man that uses his mind and talents is even sexier.

  4. Wow! I've always been attracted to a man's ASSets. Eyes that search your soul and lips that make you forget your name. Wow!

    The first picture would make a great book cover.

    Thanks, Sarah.

  5. Oh!
    What a beautiful man he is! And those eyes....I could drown in them. And don't even get me started on his other fine ASS-ets. Beautiful choice, Sarah! I so needed this today!

  6. Dawn you are so right! That first cover would be great for a cover. He would just be a great cover model period. He does have dreamy eyes.

  7. I agree with Lizzie - gorgeous eyes. They speak to the soul. Thanks for the treat Sarah!!!!