Thursday, May 19, 2011

Totally HOT Thursday

Today's THT hunk is a man we all no so well. When he flashes that smile of his, it makes me melt. When I catch a glimpse of his baby blues, my heart goes pitter patter. He is adorable, handsome, and just down right good looking!

Still wonder who I am talking about? Well, it is none other than the gorgeous BRADLEY COOPER!

Bradley was born on Jan. 5, 1975, in Philadelphia, but grew up in nearby Jenkintown Pennsylvania. He began his acting career in 1998 on the hit TV show, Sex and the City and he had a recurring role on Alias. You can also find him in such movies as, Yes Man, Wedding Crashers, and Failure to Launch.
He has been married to actress, Jennifer Esposito and recently broke up with actress Renee Zellwegger. That's right ladies, the man is currently on the market. ; )

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  1. OMG Sarah, please forgive me! I meant to come over yesterday! Did I tell you that I saw Bradley in the City last year! I got a picture of him and Robert D captured by my camera. UNFORTUNATELY it was my OLD phone.

    Sigh...I lost the pictures but I think I still have one that my co-worker took. let me tell you ladies...WHOO-HOOO he is even more HOT in person! WHEW! Fanning myself. AND also I am very familiar with Jenkintown having worked in that area, shopped in that area and I get my hair done in that area.

    Thanks for the Hot babe!