Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Real life romance!

It brings to mind many images in our heads. Everyone has a different idea of what it is and everyone experiences it in different ways. We all want to have it in our lives. I don't think life could function completely without a small dose of romance in it. At least I hope it couldn't. As they say, love makes the world go around.
I write about romance. I get to conjour in my head different forms of it in my books and I can tell you that I am having a lot of fun doing it! Sometimes I am making it all up and sometimes I am taking from real life. I hear stories from others, things that have happened in their lives. It can be something as common as receiving roses to couples getting a second chance.
When I was at work last week, I work at Subway, I had a couple come in and order their food. I was running the cash register at the time so I had a chance to talk with them. One conversation piece lead to another and I was told about how they had been married once before. When things didn't work out, they divorced and lived other lives, both remarrying and having families. The gentleman's second marriage didn't work and he started thinking about his life and what was missing and he realized it was his first wife. He still loved her and wanted to be with her again. She lived in Indiana and he was in Arizona. After doing a little research he found out that she too, was divorced. Since the man couldn't drive due to poor eye sight, he sold his belongings, got his bicycle and had a small trailer built to pull behind. He rode his bike up to Indiana and found his first wife. They have been together now for 10 years. I thought this was so romantic. To think that he loved her so much to go to those lengths to find her again.
My husband is very romantic. He holds the door for me, buys me daisies with three pink roses in them (one for each kid) for our anniversary, and will randomly send me a text message saying "I love you!" One year for my birthday, I woke up to find him having left for work already and on the kitchen counter was "Happy Birthday" written in tooth picks surrounded by butter knives. He always surprises me and I love him for it.
I want to hear from you. What is your idea of romance or tell me something someone did for you that was romantic and I hope your future is filled with romance from here on out!


  1. Your husband sounds like a real sweetie! A few months ago my hubby surprised me with a cupcake that he bought for me on the way home for work. That's about as romantic as he gets. LOL. :)

  2. He is a sweetie and I love him for it! I love that your hubby surprised you with the cupcake. I think that is very romantic. He took the time to think of you and surprise you with something and what a better treat then a cupcake?!!

  3. I dated one real romantic once. As his way of asking me out, he sent me this big, gorgeous boquet of roses and a little note that said he was twitterpated. It was so cute.

    We broke up, but he is very happily married to someone else, and *nuts* about her, and still a romantic at heart. I'm very happy for him.