Friday, September 7, 2012

Interview with Author, PAISLEY KIRKPATRICK

A dream: a strongly desired goal or purpose

I've always believed having a dream is very important. In fact, the bigger the dream is, the better it is. Why waste time on mediocre wishes and dreams?

William Blake (1757-1827) (English poet, painter and engraver) is one of the earliest and greatest figures of Romanticism. He emphasized individual, imaginative, visionary and emotional creativity. He privileged imagination over reason in the creation of both his poetry and images, asserting that ideal forms should be constructed not from observations of nature but from inner visions. He declared in one poem, “I must create a system or be enslaved by another man’s.”

When I read William Blake's statement it rang true with me. As authors, we draw from our inner vision, or as we refer to it, our muse. Our imagination gathers information from which we draw our ideas and create our plots. People often ask where I get my ideas. I really have no idea. They just seem to pop into my head and I put them on paper.

I started writing to accomplish a dream -- to write a story. All of the rest has been the cream on top. I am now on my fifth story, and much to my amazement and delight my first story will be published on the 21st of August. Yes, with a lot of hard work and a bit of help from fate, dreams do come true. Mine just happened to have happened on Christmas Eve last year. I always thought I would scream and dance, but no, I sat frozen instead. All I could say was "WOW" in stunned amazement. My husband was asleep, and we never wake a sleeping bear. My critique partners live across the country from me and would probably have been happy to be awakened to hear my good news, but I just couldn't do it at 2:30 a.m. on Christmas morning. Now that I think back on it, having those special moments to myself might have been a good thing. It gave me time to reflect over the last years of working toward this moment.

And, Night Angel is the culmination and beginning of that dream continuing to come true for a long time. Every six months another story in the Paradise Pines Series will be released.

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  1. Paisley, it's good luck for you and for us that you accomplished your dream. Welcome to this debut book and hopefully to many more!

  2. Paisley:
    I'm an art history teacher and know Blake well. I use his images and his poetry in my ART 200 class.
    And isn't it wonderful that we can write and live our dreams!! It's the very best!
    I love the cover of Night Angel. Looks really intriguing.
    Teresa R.

  3. Paisley,

    You are an inspiration to me. Seeing you achieve your dream has been so wonderful. It couldn't have happened to a more deserving person. You give me hope for my own dreams. Thank you.

  4. It's fun to be here this morning, Sarah. Thank you for your support.

  5. Thanks Miriam. I'm so glad you stopped by today. I am working on my next story right now. Keeping that dream going and loving it.

  6. Hi Teresa. I know you'll roll your eyes at me, but I learned about William Blake in the Gerry movie P.S. I Love You. I'd actually never heard of him before so I looked him up and was intrigued with his teachings and values. They fit mine. If we don't have a dream and something to strive for, life would be incomplete. All of our friends we make along the way are the bonuses.

  7. Hugs Samantha. I am humbled that I have given you hope to reach your dreams. I can't wait to see your dreams come true, too. Always go for the big ones. We will celebrate with you when you reach your goal.

  8. Enjoyed the post. How wonderful that your dream is coming true. Thank you for sharing.
    Good luck with everything.

  9. Thanks Janna. I appreciate your support. It is amazing when the dreams come true. I always have thought you should go for the big dreams...they are the best kind to have come true. :)

  10. Hi Paisley! Thanks for sharing your story. It's so inspiring. I look forward to reading your book.

    Thanks, Sarah, for another great interview.

  11. How nice of you, Jena. So glad you stopped by today. Appreciate your support.