Monday, September 10, 2012

Interview with Author, GERRI BOWEN

Please let me introduce you to Author, Gerri Bowen!


Gerri Bowen was born in Maryland, and now lives in beautiful South Central Pennsylvania with her family. She loves to read, write, and travel. When she can’t do those things she gets grumpy, but that quickly passes. She likes to garden, although ever mindful of running afoul of a Dennene, lately it is more about planning than actually extending her flower garden. She loves for people to read her books and get 'squees' when someone posts a good review of same.

Blurb: For Love of Gwynneth:

It is 1135, and everything Gwynneth and Richard thought they wanted is put to the crucible.

Gwynneth's innocent desire to spy on her secret love, brother to the man her father says she will wed, spirals out of control when Richard captures her.

All Richard wanted was a quick tryst with a Wood Nymph. He never imagined he would be forced into a marriage. Richard is not pleased. Everything goes wrong, starting with his plans to avenge the deaths of his father and uncle, not to mention that his brother had planned to wed Gwynneth. A powerful baron from the north claims he has a signed betrothal contract between his son and Lady Gwynneth, which the baron intends to enforce. Then there is the matter of his new father-in-law and his unceasing efforts to end Richard’s life. The only good to come from the marriage, Richard finally realizes, is Gwynneth. Then she’s taken from him.

Richard's journey begins to reclaim his wife. For love of Gwynneth.

You may find Gerri and her books here!

Stories with Humor, The Impossible, and Love



  1. It's lovely to be here, Sarah. Thank you for having me.

  2. Gerri- it is my pleasure! I love your book cover!

  3. Hi, Sarah and Gerri.

    Gerri, Looks like your hero and heroine must face some serious Conflict. Good luck with the book.

    BTW: I moved to So. Maryland from NJ a couple of years ago. Really like it. :)