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Jason Aaron Baca and Jennifer Love Hewitt

Today I am interviewing Cover Model JASON BACA! Please join me in welcoming him here to Heart of Romance.


SARAH- Jason, Hi and welcome.

JASON- It’s a pleasure to be here.

SARAH- Let’s begin by asking how you got into the modeling business.

JASON- Well I was on location in Ft.Ross,Ca where I’d been doubling for one of the main actors in I Know What You Did Last Summer. The movies lead photographer brought me over and asked if he could take a few snap shots of me. Of course I agreed “nervously” but it turned out to be my first big break into all this. I recall standing there acting cool and seeing the main actors looking over at me wondering “who is this guy? I don’t remember him being a part of the movie do you?”

SARAH- Where else would we be able to see you? Ads? Commercials?

JASON- There are a ton of ads out there, they pop up out of nowhere. Lately though, I’ve been doing a lot of exercise routines for the various fitness magazines such as Men’s Workout, Exercise & Health, Men’s Health Singapore, and Canada’s Fitness Magazine “Optimyz” Besides that, there are a lot of others that would take a long time to list. (Those google searches come in handy!)

SARAH- How do you keep in shape?

JASON- Excellent question! I always stay inside a balanced diet. I believe in taking quality care of myself all year long. I hear a lot of people say, “why don’t you take some time off and live it up a little?” And my response is that I’ve tried that and I don’t like how I get. I feel depressed, melancholy, like I awt to be doing something with myself.

  I make sure to perform a rigorous exercise 1 ½ hours per day. Whatever body part I’m working, I make sure to exercise it to the point of exhaustion. I imagine my body looking like the Statue of David (only slightly better.)

SARAH- How many book covers have you graced?

JASON- Currently I’m on number 88 with about 4 more pending.

SARAH- Is modeling the only thing you are doing at the moment?

JASON- Yes besides working a stable job 8-5pm. But I’d like to focus on the word “only” as I put my heart and soul into modeling for these covers. If it was something I didn’t take very serious then I may as well not bother going to a good hair stylist, get facial treatments on a regular basis, or go to the gym and exercise my muscles. So yes modeling “is” what I’m doing at the moment in this life I live in. If I had 5 different things going on like most people then I’d probably dabble at each one and not give it my 100% attention. Not a good way to do things.

SARAH- Are there any charities you are involved in and if so, can you share a link with us so that we might help?

JASON- No I don’t have any charities that I’m involved in… But if I was to be in one, it would be to help fight animal cruelty. Or help humane societies across America.

SARAH- Will you share with us the story of how you met Jennifer Love Hewitt and what was it like working with her?

JASON- It was a memorable experience. We met on location for I Know What You Did Last Summer. I actually didn’t know of her career when we met so I talked to her like I did any other person walking down the street. She liked it. At the time she was really into her singing and was releasing a CD called “Let’s go Bang” so she sang while looking through her honey wagon window.

She was a very cheerful girl and enjoyed constantly playing Hanson’s Doo Woop song with candles all lit up in her cabin. Being around her was a lot of fun for me because for the first time in my life it taught me what real confidence looked like in this business. Her and the other 3 all had it in their eyes and in the way they walked. As I studied them, I took mental notes and knew that if I wanted to be a standout, I would need that attitude and believe in myself as she did.

SARAH- Tell us one thing about you that we wouldn’t know otherwise.

JASON- Hmm okay… have you ever seen Rocky III? Well I see Jimmy Thomas as Rocky (The champ) and me as Clubber Lang (the contender) He is on top, the main guy to watch. I am the guy wanting a shot at the title though. The guy that is exercising ferociously as he thinks about his shot and chance to be the champ. It’s what I love about this business. That you have someone that is ahead of your game and that you have to constantly do something towards improving yourself to get to that level. I absolutely love this! So there is your secret..

YOUR STATS- AGE- somewhere in the 30s

                         HEIGHT- 5’10”

                         WEIGHT- 170lbs.

                         CHEST- 42

                         BICEP- 15

SARAH- Last but not least, I would like to ask you a short answer questions.

FAVORITE MEAL- Swordfish meatloaf in an onion marmalade sauce.

SILK OR LACE- Silk.. Lace is too complicated.

BEACH OR MOUNTIANS- How about a mountainy beach?


HOT OR COLD- Hot n Spicy

LUCK OR DESTINY- Destiny! Find those dreams and conquer them

FAVORITE PASTIME- Baseball of course


FAVORITE PLACE TO VACATION- Somewhere over the rainbow.. Because if happy little bluebirds fly… beyond the rainbows why oh why….. can’t I?

SARAH- Thank you Jason for being with us here today! We are very on excited to get to know you a little better. Good luck in your future and we hope to see you on many more book covers!

JASON- Thank you very much for having me Sarah. This has been a lot of fun doing the interview

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  1. Jason, it is lovely to meet you. I'm sure I've seen you around on the social networks since I've seen the pic of you and JLove before..

  2. Great interview! It's interesting to hear a model's perspective on the business. I enjoyed it!

  3. Thank you both for stopping by adn leaving a comment.

    LACEY- please email me with your information because you are the wonner of an autographed picture of Jason!

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