Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Hello everyone!

I am running a contest here at Heart of Romance. I am offering a $25 Barnes and Nobles gift card to one lucky winner! Let me explain to you what this contest is about.

I am wanting to generate more following here at Heart of Romance. I promote myself and other authors and I want to be able to do that to a larger audience. What do you have to do? Look around my blog, check out my interviews, articles, and Totally HOT Thursdays. If you like what you see, become a follower.

That's it. Anyone who becomes a follower from now until Jan. 31 is eligible to win. I will draw one lucky winner on Feb. 1st.


  1. Oh how exciting #50 GFC follower. I will share on facebook with friends. I love to read and you are a new author for me. Thanks for the great contest and would be an awesom prize to win.

  2. Hi,

    You may want to join in with other blogs doing blog hops. Many blogs seem to get lots of new followers that way. They all seem to have a theme like YA, paranormal, etc.

  3. Hi Sarah,

    Lovely blog. I'm following now. I'm curious about the Hot Thursday feature/event. Let me know when you have a minute. Much appreciated, Keta
    I'm on twitter here: @ketadiablo

  4. More than happy to follow - Mary Preston. I'm a subscriber as well. I don't want to miss a thing going on.


  5. Hi Sarah, I hope your blog attracts many readers and Im looking forward to seeing the happenings here :)


  6. Your books sound great. Since I love horses and mysteries, I will definitely want to read them. And congratulations on a great interview.
    Ellie Sullo
    member, Equine authors and Artists (On Facebook)