Thursday, September 8, 2011

Totally HOT Thursdays

Today, I am interviewing BROOKS JOHNSON, the lead male cover model at Hot Damn Designs. I hope you will enjoy reading this interview.  Brooks was both very accommodating and a gentleman.

Welcome to Heart of Romance, Brooks! We are so happy to have you. Let me start off by asking the question I am sure everyone wants to know and that is, how did you get started in the modeling profession?

BROOKS- Hello! Well, at the time I was just a little peon intern doing an internship one summer for Enterprise Rent-A-Car while in school and waited on a customer who was a photographer. During the course of the rental process, my customer inquired if I modeled or not and I had to say, "No, but I have thought about it but never pursued it!" So that was the beginning and led to my first photo shoot or test-shoot.

What is Hot Damn Designs and how did you come to work for them?

           BROOKS-Kim Killion of Hot Damn Designs had contacted my Agency and discovered me that way, & I think my agent had told her I previously Competed in a Romance Competition & also had been at some Romance Conventions (back when I had SHORT Hair! Ha haa haa!)

  Can you tell us how many covers you have graced?

 BROOKS- I cannot say exactly, but somewhere in the range of 150-175.

 How many different places have you shot a cover or are all of them right there in a studio?

 BROOKS- I have shot in different locations, yes. Mostly indoors, but some outside by buildings, walls, fire escapes, and even a barn and stables!

                                                         What is your favorite role to portray?

  BROOKS-I actually like portraying them all, because they are all so different than what I know. I guess I just have an appreciation for many things.

 Is modeling the only thing you are doing at the moment?

 BROOKS-Currently yes, but I enjoy doing yard work outdoors for people & massage therapy work when there are opportunities to. I'm looking at accepting a job installing shower doors for a Glass Co. in October.

What does your future hold?

 BROOKS-I try not to trespass into my future. The way I look at it, if I would try to predict that, I would make God laugh!

  I see that you are an animal lover. How many dogs do you have and do you have other pets as well?

BROOKS-Yes, three Dogs....also I must mention I have a cat & two King Snakes to my name (one of the Kings is Albino).

What are the kinds of things you like to do in your off time?

 BROOKS-Relax and remember what if feels like to breathe deeply....& sometimes I am forced to breathe deeply during intense workouts     

We would love to know one thing about you that we wouldn’t find in your bio.

 BROOKS-I am an avid health nut b/c of a close encounter with death & dying from Meningitis half way through my senior year in High School. I also have some Choctaw ancestry from the Original Band of the Mississippi Choctaw Indian.
Whoops, I guess that makes two things you know now!

SARAH- We are glad you recovered! How scary!

            Your stats: Age: 34

                              Height: 6’1”

                             Weight: 202 lbs.

                             Chest: 43

                             Bicep: 17 ½ in.

 If you don’t mind, here are some brief questions to answer.

Favorite meal? Homemade mac and cheese with white Parmesan

Favorite movie? Smoke Signals

Favorite past time? Canoeing!

Luck or Destiny? I believe in both.

 Mountains or Beach? I appreciate them both in different ways, so I would probably choose the one with the fewest crowds.

Hair-Long or Short? Long!

Eyes or lips? Eyes

Cover design by Kim Killion
Sunrise or sunset? Sunrise

Hot or Cold? Hot!

Bikini or One piece? Bikini

Silk or lace? Does it matter? They are both coming off anyways!

 If you could go anywhere in the world for a vacation, where would you go?

 BROOKS- New Zealand

Brooks, Thank you so much for hanging out with us today and letting me interview you.  I would like to leave some links for the fans to use so if they are interested in learning more about you, they can.

Okay everyone! Here is a special treat for you. Leave a comment below for your chance to win an autographed copy of a picture of Brooks!!!!

Cover design by Kim Killion

Photo property of Brooks Johnson


  1. Enjoyed reading the interview, Brooks and Sarah. I especially like the last picture with the wonderful smile.

  2. I so have a major crush on him - especially now that I know I'm younger than him! LOL

    Great interview - I love seeing how down to earth he is!

    P.S. Brooks can rock a kilt. *grin*

  3. Great interview! Enjoyed reading it. Off to like Brook's FB page :)

  4. Thanks for stopping in ladies!

    MADELINE- How can someone not have a crush on him? He is so sincere and such a gentleman. *SIGH*

    DAWN- That has always been a favorite picture of mine. He has a wonderful smile.

    JULIANNE- Thanks for stopping in. You book, THE REBEL, is gorgeous. I love the blues!!

  5. Great interview! Can't find fault with the pics either, I mean who doesn't love a hot guy in a kilt?

    P.S. Today's my birthday, and the hot guy made my day!

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  8. Yum!!!!!!!!!!

    maria pena

  9. Sarah, CP loved the interview. I will do the retweet for you. ;-9)

    BroJo, as usual you give sage advice. Glad you are back on facebook again, the right way!

    Happy Birthday to Candy, I think she should win!

    I would have loved to see the pics of the King snakes and as always, any pictures with Brooks dawgs is a treat.

  10. Great interview Sarah and Brooks...Great questions Sarah!

    Brooks, Really like you answer about not trespassing on your future. But, I especially like your response for Silk or Lace ;-)

    Of course all Brooks' pix are gorgeous. Not only is he a professional but he's such a natural in front of the camera.

    Great giveaway! An autographed photo of Brooks! Wow how HOT!!!

  11. LIZZIE- I agree, glad to see him back on Facebook. I am wondering... a picture I saw of Brooks either on his page or in Hot Damn stock has him with a girl and a large yellow looking snake. Wonder if it is his?

    MARIA- Yum is right!!!

    MARILYN- I liked the silk or lace comment too and wanted so bad to make a comment, but couldn't think of a single thing that wouldn't get me in trouble...LOL!!!

  12. I'm with you Marilyn! I got such a kick out of his response on the Silk or Lace question. And my heart swooned when he said I try not to trespass into my future. The way I look at it, if I would try to predict that, I would make God laugh! I love how down to earth he is!

    Want to the know the day I really took notice of Brooks? When I watched the blooper real that Kim Killion posted on Youtube with her "Taming A Highland Devil" trailer. When Brooks goofed up and laughed, I fell instantly for him.

    Brooks, I'm so glad you came to Sarah's blog. It was such a treat getting to know you better. One day, I hope to have you grace my cover for one of my romance novels. One day....

    Sarah, great interview dear! You made my day!

  13. Hey Sarah...I read your response to Lizzie about a picture with Brooks and a huge snake wrapped around him and the girl...

    Well, you know what they say about a man with a big snake.....

    ('s been a long week being shut in my writing cave.)

  14. Oh Renee.... you are bad! OMG, too funny! I just don't know what to say!! LOL!!! I can't wait to see Brooks's comment to this.

    AS for the blooper, I watched that a few times, loved it!!

    BUt I'll tell ya something. I have spoken to him on the phone and not only does he has a sexy voice, but he's soft spoken and he spoke to me not at me and I loved that! He really is a gentleman!

  15. ooo! Renee! LOL You are too much in my head woman.

    I loved the blooper real. When Kim sent it to me, I fell for him as well. I love the genuine laugh.

    Renee, I think all of us are hoping Brooks will grace our covers!

    Sarah, I think Kim sent me that photo with the snake. I will have to check. I have the one where the frog is on his butt. That one cracks me up.

    I don't know if that was the Albino King Snake. I don't remember seeing markings on the snake.

    When I first saw the image I asked Kim if it was a Burmese Python but she said she didn't know. I have held a Burmese before. She was really heavy but nice and smooth. Coolest feeling ever.

  16. haaaaaaaaaa....pfew...this is Brooks' newest silent stalker (jk..yea I look but am not obsessive or compulsive)..Sarah> you did an amazing job..keep up the great work. and Renee> you can just go on keeping me laughing...this was nice to come home from work to read and see... Let me know if Brooks starts a harem like Jimmy did... hugs all. Anita Hayes

  17. *blushing* After coming back and reading my comment, perhaps that was a bit uncalled for. But I won't recant. I just hope Brooks doesn't take offense to it.

    Again, can I plead that I was cooped up in my office for many days writing under pressure for a deadline without the luxury of coming out and socializing?

  18. LOL, we all know you pretty well and that you were just being goofy and YES, we will let you plead temporary insanity due to work. Besides, I think Brooks's comment about silk or lace got us all a little flustered.

  19. I don't think BroJo will take offense. You are a kind person, not a stalker!

    Brooks comment made me laugh and showed his playful side. Very funny!

    Sarah,I know I was fanning myself at work. LOL All in good fun!

  20. Yes! It's all Brook's fault! He got me all flustered with that silk or lace response of his and all my couth went right out the window. And I know he's got big enough shoulders to take the blame for it.

  21. LOL...I love reading all of your comments and wish I was on earlier to join in...well, it's probably better that I wasn't ;-)

    Renee, your snake comment was sooo good I'm glad you posted it. Insanity kicking in or flustered from our sexy mocel's silk/lace comment whatever the reason, it was great!!!

    And thanks for sharing when you fell for Brooks. Nice story. He really is down to earth and as Sarah said a very real gentleman.

    He also has an awesome sense of humor when he lets his playful side show. He's truly genuine and sincere, rare qualities you see in people these days, especially men! (Yes, I went there Brooks)

  22. ops...was suppose to be...flustered from our sexy model's silk/lace comment...see I'm stil all flustered from the comment I can't spell! LOL

  23. LOL Mare, I was going to say, who is mocel? Does BroJo have a new nickname? LOL

    Tell him he is a mocel, not a model. hee-hee. Yeah Mare, I got skills, that why you and Sarah call me a DORK.

  24. LOL...Lizzie you are too funny! I may call Brooks lots of nicknames but mocel is NOT one of them. Maybe oh well, atleast I entertain myself.

    I like Brookster, best I think. how about Brooker or the Brooksanator? teehee

    Yes, we all have DORK written on our foreheads at one time or another...oh son of a beehive! I just realized, someone put mine on in permanent marker...drats!

  25. Hello Everyone! WoW! Yes, I actually made it on here!!! YaY, right? Well, I'm already behind leaving to go meet my fellow workout buddy for an evening workout at the gym, but making the effort, so give me an "A" and not an "E" or "F" for this...b/c it will have to be relatively short. To answer a quick "?" quickly, that was a burmese python, the yellow one that is, & it is not mine; but yes, I do own Two snakes of my own! ..1 being an Albino his name actually. Also b/t/w/, I do not own the green frog that plastered itself to my arse during that shoot either! Cool Frog though....
    I would also like to share a little reflection that I had for myself today. It is that I really know so little about Life, Love, & sometimes even Truth. I am still too young to know these things or all about these things, so I guess I have to pin that on my "limited life" or "limited experience" of life. Even though I may not know what you all out there know, I can still try to learn something. This is what makes sense in my world right now--So thankz for listening, err, or reading!..!
    "Da Brooks-ter" A.K.A. Bro-Jo

  26. LOL...very nice post Brookster and thanks for sharing your reflection for today. You know more than you give yourself credit, which is enough for and exactly where you are and should be in your life. Don't rush the knowing because with it comes the work on staying the genuine down to earth you and you'll continue to be AWESOME!!!

    Have a good workout! And remember to breathe deeply

  27. Just love and be loved.... live life to it's fullest and take things one day at a time.

    Thanks for stopping in Brooks. I really appreciate it!!!!! Will let you know tomorrow who the winner of the picture is.

  28. Brojo, you are exactly where you should be in life. You are learning and that is a great thing. So I am giving you A because you're Awesome for trying to learn and E for Effort because you make the effort to learn and F...well that's for friendly, FINE and fabulous. *hugs*