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Photo courtesy of Jamie Ungaro.
Jamie and his wife, Meshella
Today, I am interviewing JAMIE UNGARO,  Mr. Romance, 2010. I hope you will enjoy reading this interview as much as I enjoyed getting it!

**Welcome to Heart of Romance, JAMIE! We are so happy to have you. Let me start off by asking the question I am sure everyone wants to know and that is, how did you get started in the modeling profession?

JAMIE- After high school my dreams of keeping my football career going was not a reality so, I took my friends and families advice by going into acting and modeling. I started in 2004 and up till now it has consisted of a lot of rough auditions with only a few jobs. LOL! But I’m still hanging in there and holding onto the dream that one day acting will be my career. As for modeling now a days if someone wants’ me to model for them I will but, I’m currently not perusing it. I only will model for Christian and regular romance books and won’t model for erotica or immoral fantasies.

**How would someone go about getting an image of you if they wanted it for their book cover?

JAMIE- Just send me a detailed description of the pose and dress in an e-mail to . Then I will go have it done and send them back to you. If you’re wanting pictures, make sure you fill the subject bar in and make it clear of what it is or, I might over look it. Thanks!
Photo courtesy of Jamie Ungaro

**Can you tell us how many covers you have graced?

JAMIE- Ironically I have not yet been on cover being Mr. Romance 2010 but, I am working with a company trying to get a cover for my winning. I did act in a book trailer for Zodervan all thanks to Sheila Clover English and “Circle of Seven Productions”. The book is called “An Eye for Glory” here’s the link for the video check it out  Even though I haven’t been on a cover God has really blessed me by being the only Mr. Romance ever to win all three trophies (readers choice, contestants choice, and Mr. Romance) and having a true romance in the same year. Then got married January 3rd of 2011 and my wife Meshella is an author so, we have been planning on writing about a true romance and how God put it all together and blessed us greatly! If it wasn’t for putting our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ first, none of this would have been possible. All the Glory goes to God!

** How many different places have you shot a cover or all of them right there in a studio?

JAMIE- I have shot for covers just never made it on one yet. I have done many photo shoots inside and out. I like the outside shoots more, there’s more things you can be creative with in your poses.

**You were Mr. Romance, 2010. Can you tell us how you came to receive the title and what was it like to be called Mr. Romance?

Photo courtesy of Jamie Ungaro
JAMIE- I’ll start by saying what I said before; it was all because of Jesus.

It all started when I was taking modeling and acting classes at Barbizon. A week left of classes and we had to come up with a commercial and act it out. Right when the teacher told us that, the Lord laid it upon my heart to make a commercial of Him. I sat back and said are you for real? LOL! I had all week to think about this so, I listened and it went like this: “Hi friend, is there something in your life that you are battling, and it seems like there’s no way of overcoming it? Or that your heart may be heavy with the weight of the world. No matter your situation there is hope. Well my friend hope has a name…. That name is Jesus Christ. He is the light of life. He can bring light to any dark spots in life, and give you a softer, loving heart. So bring salvation, joy, love and understanding of truth to your soul by checking out the website at the bottom of the screen at

After doing what I was told one of my friends there, his mom was thrilled to hear about my commercial and she ended up introducing me to my manager and friend Loretta Rodgers. Then Loretta told me about the Mr. Romance contest. At first I thought I couldn’t go with low funds, and then I thought maybe I’ll just go and not enter but do some social networking. I decided to just go for it and didn’t expect to win anything I just wanted to start getting my name out there. I went with only $75 and the trust in our Lord and Savior that all my needs would be met. I had a blast meeting a lot of people and the competition to win over the ladies. LOL! I just stayed true to who I am as a person and kept Jesus first and man! Did he bless me! The first thing I did after winning I pointed to the sky gave thanks to Him and blessing Him for blessing me. Experiencing those 15 minutes of fame was great! Keeping a smile for long periods at a time for pictures is exhausting. Don’t know how the stars do it? LOL! Back to the point of the story, which is obedience. If I was not obedient and didn’t do the commercial of Jesus none of this would have happen. I just think it is one of the coolest testimonies; Jesus never seizes to amaze me!

** Is modeling the only thing you are doing at the moment?

JAMIE- I currently put everything on hold to put my family first. When I have my family set, I’ll put myself back into the picture. I work on an off shore oil drilling rig and take the time I do have with my family I consider it precious.

**What does your future hold?

JAMIE- Like I said before my wife and I would like to come together with our life stories and where we meet and write a true romance about it and how God worked in both of our lives to set us up for the perfect match. I also won’t ever stop pursuing my dream of making acting as my career and be a positive role model for people. Last but not least I would love to have my own gym and use it to glorify God through it.

** What are the kinds of things you like to do in your off time?

Photo courtesy of Jamie Ungaro
JAMIE- REST! LOL! I like to stay in the gym. I like to go camping and water skiing in the summer. I like going snowboarding in the winter but, things I do more often are helping teach my step son how to play football or ride a rip stick and try to teach myself how to play the guitar. LOL!

** We would love to know one thing about you that we wouldn’t find in your bio.

JAMIE- I enjoy riding my step sons rip stick because it simulates snow boarding and surfing on pavement. There’s just a sense of freedom on it.

Your stats:
Age: 27

Height: 6’2’’

Weight: 220

Chest: 45’’

Bicep: 18’’

**If you don’t mind, here are some brief questions to answer.

Favorite meal? My wife’s corn beef and hash.

Favorite movie? The first Dumb and Dumber.

Favorite past time? Walking with my wife and my yellow lab at Lake Park in my home town Coshocton, Ohio.
Favorite sport? Football

Luck or Destiny? Destiny

Mountains or Beach? Mountains

Hair-Long or Short? Long hair

Sunrise or sunset? Both

Hot or Cold? Hot
Silk or lace? Lace

**If you could go anywhere in the world for a vacation, where would you go?

I would like to go to a lot of places but, I would like to visit Greece.

**Jamie, it was so exciting interviewing you today, thank you for the opportunity. I would like to leave some links for the fans to use so if they are interested in learning more about you, they can.!/MrRomance2010!/jamie.ungaro


  1. Jamie, thanks for coming over and sharing yourself. So glad you and Meshella have yourselves settled in your new place.

    I would definitely be interested in your book if you both pursue it. I think it would be a wonderful story to share with everyone.

    Great interview Sarah, I re-tweeted and Jamie, I am now following :-)

  2. Nice to meet you Jamie...thanks for doing this interview with Sarah.

    Great job on interview Sarah, retweeted it.

  3. Thanks ladies for stopping by and for tweeting this.

    It was very nice getting to know Jamie. All the best in his future endeavors.