Thursday, April 14, 2011

Totally HOT Thursdays

I have wanted to post this hunk of a beautiful man for a long time. For some reason, the little devil gave me a run for my money.

Well. I came and I conquered. Yes, I did. I have enjoyed purusing his galleries. A secret smile on my lips as I ponder which photos to use. So, here we go.

I bring you, GABRIEL AUBRY!

Gabriel was born in Montreal Canada on August 30,1976. He is one of nine siblings. Gabriel has one daughter with actress Halle Berry and owns his own restaurant called Cafe Fuego.

All pictures are from and
There is something about a pin stripe suit....

A look like that will make a woman say yes!

It's all in the jeans (genes)!

If he looks like this, imgine what the other 8 siblings look like!

Sorry ladies, the man models clothes. I know, just a little skin please!!

There's a start!

I hope you enjoyed today's Totally HOT Thursday as much as I did!!


  1. Very dishy... I can see why Halle would go for him :)

  2. Sarah...I'm so sorry I missed this post yesterday. I was babysitting my niece and wasn't online. But I'm so glad I swung by today! Oh, baby! Gabriel is one hot man! And to think Halle Barry gave him up! *rolls eyes*

    Great choice, Sarah!

  3. Sarah, I don't know how I missed your post! I was on your page earlier and I saw you didn't have it up yet. I didn't see anything in the loop and I forgot to go back.

    Honey, I have some skin ones! He just did a campaign involving a bare chest and towel. A few where he is a bed. Mmmm yummy.

    Renee, as for Halle giving him up, well she did it so we could all have a chance! LOL HA! That would never happen for me. But a gal can dream right?

  4. I am so glad you guys approve! Thanks!