Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The Highlander's Tempestuous Bride by Cathy MacRae

The Highlander’s Tempestuous Bride

Book 3 in The Highlander’s Bride series

Set in the Highlands of Scotland in the late 1300’s, The Highlander’s Tempestuous Bride brings together two young people from different clans who risk everything for a chance to love.

Book Cover Blurb:

Returning home after a ten-year absence, Ryan Macraig falls for a fiery, red-haired lass from the wrong side of the firth. He can’t ignore his need to see her again, even knowing she must be a hated Macrory.

Gilda Macrory trespasses Macraig land, but haunting memories of the young man she once met there draw her to the forbidden place. Learning he is Laird Macraig’s son threatens her dreams, for her father would never agree to a marriage between his daughter and their enemy’s son.

With pirates raiding the coast, bad blood between the Macraig and Macrory clans could cost Ryan and Gilda their love—and their lives.


He gentled his voice. “Still afraid of the storm?”

She shook her head. “Nae. Cold.”

Thunder crashed again and she jumped, betraying her lie. Ryan sat on the dusty floor of the cave and unfastened his plaide at the shoulder. He beckoned to her as he unwrapped the woolen fabric.

“Come sit with me, lass. I will keep ye warm.”

She did not move and he quirked an eyebrow at her hesitation. “I willnae harm ye. But ye dinnae need to stand about dripping wet and cold.” He tried a lopsided grin. “I only bite impertinent lasses.”

She almost smiled, but her lips trembled. “Then, sir, I am forewarned, for I fear I am nearly always impertinent.”

He laughed. “My name is ‘Ryan,’ not ‘sir.’”[C1]

The girl bit her lip and did not reply.

He sighed. “Saying it willnae make ye impertinent.”


His name rolled sweetly from her lips, sending a frisson through his veins. He blinked. She was too young. A mere lass. Teasing her was only a way to keep her from being afraid. He gave a reassuring nod. “There. That wasnae so hard. Now ye can sit with me and be warm.”

Still hesitant, she lowered herself to the cave’s dust-covered floor. He tucked the end of his plaide around her shoulders and pulled it down her side to hold in the heat. They sat quietly, listening to the wind rage outside. Ryan carefully controlled the unexpected storm quivering through his insides at her nearness.

The girl moved slightly. “My name is Gilda.”

* * *



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Author bio:

Cathy enjoys weaving tales of romance in the Highland mists. Her stories feature strong heroes and feisty heroines in pursuit of their happy-ever-afters in medieval Scotland.

When not writing, Cathy can be found curled up in a chair with a book or enjoying the outdoors with her corgis and newest member of the family, Freki. A member of RWA and Celtic Hearts Romance Writers, she is currently working on another Highland romance novel and planning her next trip to Scotland.

Check out her website at www.cathymacraeauthor.com for book updates, writing and author posts, and her thoughts on gardening and dogs. She would love to hear from you!


  1. Thank you for hosting me on Heart of Romance, Sarah! I am so excited to have Gilda's story out on Amazon today. She was such a great character to write, and I hope everyone who asked for her story enjoys The Highlander's Tempestuous Bride.