Thursday, October 20, 2011

Totally HOT Thursdays

Today's Totally HOT Thursday is brought to you by the lovely Lizzie Walker. My friend and critique partner sent me an email with this man's picture in it and said he needed to be my next THT. And boy was she right!!!

Let me introduce you to:
Christopher Douglas

HEIGHT- 6 foot
EYES- Green
HAIR- Brown
MARITAL STATUS- Married to Darcy
HONORS- Selected as one of YM Magazines most beautiful guys.
BIRTHDATE- 8/26/1969
HOMETOWN- Knoxville, TN

Christopher lives in Montana with his wife on a farm where they raise horses. He enjoys performing in rodeos riding saddle bronc in Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho. In August of 2008, while tending to a sick horse, Christopher was kicked in the face and suffered a broken jaw.

He attended the University of Tennessee where he studied medicine.

He started his modeling career doing photo shoots with Gianna Versace and famed photographer, Bruce Weber.

From there, he went on to star in movies 'Assualt on  Devil's Island' (1997) (TV) and 'Playing Mona Lisa' (2000).  He then starred in The Young and the Restless for 7 months (2001). Afterwards, he went to play the role of Antonio Lopez Fitzgerald on Passions for three years.

Christopher has a deep respect for and fascination with his Native American heritage. His mother's family is Eastern Cherokee.

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  1. OMGosh, Lizzie sent you a great looking man. Love his eyes!

    thanks for sharing...