Monday, February 21, 2011

To blog or not to blog?

There is a debate going around with many answers to that question. When should an author promote their work and themselves?

On one side of the coin, we have those who believe that promoting themselves is a good thing. And when I say promoting, I am talking about having a web site or a blog. Putting ourselves out there can be good for us. It gives us a chance to start building our followers now. It gives people a chance to see who we are and what we are about.

In my blog, I have interviewed other authors, talked about the craft, posted some links that are interesting to me and hopefully interesting to you. This give you, the reader, a chance to learn about me. You can read my bio, see who is following me, and read my ideas. AND, if you can do this, so can an agent or an editor.

I have heard that if some agents are interested in representing someone, they will go in search of them on the Internet. Let's face it. Promoting is a big deal. It takes time and money, and if an agent is going to spend their time and money on someone, wouldn't it be nice to do it with someone who is serious and willing to help promote their own work?

Now, don't get me wrong. I am not saying that people who do not promote themselves on the Internet are not serious writers. This brings us to the other side of the coin.

Other people believe that there is no reason to promote themselves if there is no product. What is there to advertise? And it does take time to blog. There's truth in that. It takes me about 20 minutes to post a blog and I try to do it at least twice a week. Some weeks are better than others. : ) That could be considered time taken away from writing. And let's face it, we all want to hone our craft and get the best work that we can.

Time management is the key. I write during the day and when I need to blog, I fit it in. On the days that I am to blog elsewhere, I try to write it out and then post date it.

I think the only answer is to do what makes you comfortable. Only then will the end result be the best that it can be!


  1. Excellent post Sarah. You know I have struggled with this blogging process. I blog, just to blog. Not so much to promote myself. I didn't always want to do it. Remember you dragged me into it kicking and screaming even though I had the blog address for two years. LOL

    But I am finding that blogging has stretched my writing capabilites. It's a different type of writing. I am still creating but in fast paced way. My blogs can take anywhere from 20 minutes to up to an hour depending on what information I am providing. Man Candy Monday is a pain because I need to post source files and try to get stats on the person.

    My favorite post however are the ones that are just written from the heart with no particular goal in mind but to stir emotion in the minds of the reader.

    For me, I love that you give variety in your blog. It keeps it interesting and fun. :-)

  2. Thanks Lizzie for responding. I appreciate your support. I am enjoying blogging and hope it continues to bring me success. Good luck to you!

  3. I think the only answer is to do what makes you comfortable. Only then will the end result be the best that it can be!
    Well said, Sarah!

    And as you can see, I'm very comfortable with blogging :-)

  4. I have visited your blogs and you do a wonderful job! Thanks for posting here Renee!!!