Monday, November 1, 2010


The title looks funny doesn't it? I sat there too, the first time I saw it, and tried to pronounce it. It stands for National Novel Writing Month. November 1st is the offical start date and many a writers are gearing towards a fun filled month of writing. The goal is to write a 175- page, (50,000 word) novel by midnight Nov. 30.

Since everyone who is participating has a limited time to write, it's all about quantity, not quality. No worries about grammar, spelling, orwhether or not he is wearing a the same blur shirt from the second paragraph to the fourth. It's a fly by the seat of your pants approach. Leave the editing for later.

The nice things is that there are writers all over the world doing the same thing. You can buddy other writers and form a support group.

In 2009, NaNoWriMo had over 165,000 writers, with over 30,000 of them reaching the goal and crossing the finish line entering into the Nationals of NaNoWriMo. Every writer will log in each day and write. At midnight on Nov 30, a writer will submit their work and a team of web-based robotic word counters will begin their job.

I want to wish "GOOD LUCK" to all of those who are participating. I have chosen not to this year. I need to finish book 2 in my Macpherson Saga and my novella. It's only fair that they come first.
If you would like to participate, then go to and sign up.

Good luck!


  1. Hi Sarah, I like your idea about having a little writing contest this month. I think it will help me meet my daily page goals and keep us both motivated. So let's do it! :o)

  2. Even though I have responded to you in email, I thought i would here also.

    It is on sister! LOL! Good luck to you, now....

    Get to writing! = )