Friday, October 15, 2010

Words and their meanings

As with any country, there are certain words that we say that are only known to us. Over time, some words have stuck around and some have faded. Have you ever read a romance novel and seen a word; not quite sure of what it's meaning is? We all have. It is hard to read a book and try to get the message, only to be thrown a little off by using a word you have never seen. You try to decipher it yourself or stop reading to look it up. Especially if it is in a different language.

I thought I would list a few words here and give you their meaning.

Fortnight- 2 weeks, this word is still used today.

Stone- this is a weight of measurement. One stone is equal to 14 lbs. This term is not used as much anymore. They use kilos now to measure weight.

Snog- this means heavy petting or making out. It is a term you would see not only in Scotland but England and Britain as well.

A Scot's Mile- this is 1973 and 1/3 yards or 320 foot falls of 18 Scotsman. It is a little longer then the English Mile which is 1970 yards. The Royal Mile in Edinburgh is closer to the Scot's Mile in length.

Kine- cattle

Ken- thought or think (EX: I kent you would be here.)

Loch- lake

Plaid- (played). Blanket- like garment worn over the shoulder. It is a wool tartan that has two pieces sewn together. It is about 12-18 feet long and about 5 feet wide.

Tartan- is the material that makes the kilt. Each clan will have a different tartan.

Arisaid- Woman's long shaw.

Kilt- (breacan feile- the Gaelic name for a kilt.) contains about 6 yards of material and is the traditional clothing of Scotland.

Ceildh- (kay-lee) A party

Sgian Dubh- (skee-doo) Small knife often worn in the top of the sock. Translates from Gaelic as "black knife" (Dubh means black) Most likely refers to it's intended use rather than it's color.

If you have other words you have seen and do not know the answer for or you do know the answer for, please, list them here. I hope this helps!


  1. This is great, Sarah! I didn't realize fortnight was 2 weeks.

  2. Thanks Sandra! I also just learned that sennight is 1 week.

    Looking forward to your interview here on the 26th! ;)

  3. Ceildh- (kay-lee) A party

    My alter ego is Kaelee (kaylee). I like that it means "party".

  4. Kristal, you are too funny! Glad you like it!

  5. I love it when we can find words we have not seen before. Either by book, blog or otherwise. Thanks Sarah for another great post.