Monday, July 26, 2010

Clan Macpherson Gathering

It is that time of year again! On August 6-8, 2010 in Newtonmore, Scotland; Macphersons from all over the world will gather for the annual Clan Macpherson Highland Games. The photo above is the 2006 march at the Macpherson gathering and this gathering brought over 400 Macphersons from over 20 countries together to compete, reminisce, share photos and stories. The 2006 gathering was one of the largest gatherings of any single clan since the Jacobite rising in 1746.
The gentleman playing the bagpipes on the left is wearing the red dress, ancient dye tartan. The man walking in front holding the hand of his son is wearing the black and grey hunting tartan. Another interesting tid bit; we pronounce the name Mac-fearson, but the actual pronunciation is Mac-furson.
The Clan Macpherson is an extremely active organization with branches in Scotland, England, Wales, Canada, U.S.A., Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa. They have a 4 star rated clan museum in Newtonmore which lies in the heart of Macpherson lands. The museum was the first ever of it's kind when it was established and has an on line store if you would like to browse through and pick up something. Interested in seeing the area? You can; The BBC television series called "Monarch of the Glen" was filmed there. They used parts of Newtonmore for their town and the "Glenbogle Estate" is not far away. The actual name of that magnificent place is called Ardverikie Estate.
Sir William Macpherson of Cluny is the 27th Chief of this remarkable clan. I mention them to you because this I feel as if they have become my clan in a way since I have studied them for 3 years. The hero's of my two books are both Macpherson men. I have enjoyed every minute of learning about this wonderful clan and am glad to make my two men apart of them.
You can learn more about this clan by going to their web site; I want to thank the Clan Macpherson Association for the use of the picture, Bruce Macpherson for all of his help, and to thank you for stopping by!
Creag Dhu!

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